Doom on Switch used to showcase the enhanced visuals overclocking can provide


Last week, we talked about a new mod for Switch that let you overclock your system. While it's a very dangerous thing to do, it does produce impressive results. The above GIF shows off how Doom looks running on Switch at the regular 307 MHz, followed by how things look at 768Mhz. There's no doubt the visuals look much more impressive, but again, running your Switch overclocked to this degree could end up causing some serious trouble.

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Mon Feb 11 19 03:14pm
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Well yeah, as far as I knew the whole speed lock was responsible for the difference between docked and portable. The dock is indeed just a piece of plastic but it unlocks the Switch to its upper limits which in tabletop or portable mode remains untapped to increase battery life and avoid overheating.

So this comparison should be the same as the docked vs undocked Doom.


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