Gigantic Army heading to Switch on Feb. 21st, 2019

GIGANTIC ARMY is a heartfelt homage to 16-bit era mech shooters.

Mankind’s war against the Ramulons has reached the planet Ramulon itself and it is now down to YOU to pilot the ‘GMR-34 SALADIN’ – a Manned Combat Robot – and take on the Ramulon army. Customize your arsenal of explosive, projectile and plasma weapons, and combine them with melee attacks, thrusters and shield to take the fight to the enemy and end the conflict!

GIGANTIC ARMY boasts awesome retro arcade stylings, slick animation, superbly detailed character and stage design, and addictively frenetic game play.

Gigantic Army hits the Switch on Feb. 21st, 2019, and is priced at $9.

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Yes! This is such a good action game

This looks decent, it does indeed remind me of old school 16-bit shooters and for $9 you can't really go wrong.

I was just about to hit submit, then decided to look for reviews, it averaged around 70% on PC. But it's the price that caught my eye, it's $3 on Steam. Why is it that so many of these games have a Switch inflation tax? I noticed the same thing with another game announced yesterday.


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