Nintendo Direct announced for February 13th at 2 p.m. PT


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Tue Feb 12 19 10:15am
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Captain smarty pants here... As predicted be me on GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 701 a month ago... https://imgur.com/a/pJaK2Eq


I am hyped for tomorrow's amiibo release date announcement for Ken, Young Link, Daisy and Pichu. Bonus points if Isabelle's is announced as well.

This is a Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock of the Week.

So hyped to see more from BAyonetta 3

(Yeah, I'm a dreamer)

YES! Can't wait to see if we get any more details on Luigi's Mansion 3 and smash DLC!

What I hope for That I believe has realistic chances:

Persona 5 announcement...any luck and we might even get a release date.
Metroid Prime Trilogy being released and being more than a simple remaster, instead having a much needed upgrade in models and textures.
Daemon X Machina info and release date.
Xenoblade X port.
SMT V update.

Time to see what the big N is cooking this year!

Tue Feb 12 19 09:44am
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Would love to see just one "where did THAT come from?" surprise. I always love those.

EDIT: Oh and something about that damn online "service". Come on, Ninty!

Zell got the date, wonder if his "sources" got the list of games right too. If he did, well, I'm looking forward to a new 2D Zelda. Hopefully it's not the rumored remake of Link's Awakening, I'd rather they do that in full 3D if they're going to.

Since team Zelda is very much working on the next 3D Zelda (with the BOTW engine) I doubt they are working on the 2D game (if true), so this could be another 4 Swords-ish title or perhaps they gave it to another team (if any of this is true at all).

He also said that those were the games being worked on, but not necessarily what is being revealed tomorrow.

Yes 2D Zelda! Count me in, Anything 2D Zelda goes :D
...how about a Link to the Future? It'd be like aLttP HD same world but changed a lot of course and all kinds of Sheikah tech to be found troughout the world.

Hopefully we get some new game announcements. Also, a HD remaster of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Revarnished. If it happens, you know where you heard it first. 😉 They could use the Colour Splash engine, though releasing that port first would make more sense.

Boo... Enough with the ports already... (I'd buy it in a heartbeat though! Never got around to finish the first time around - my Gamecube's disc reader and controller died on me)

3 houses news huh... *waits for smash related fire emblem news to watch the saltworks*

It's obviously time for a Mii costume pack to commemorate the ocassion.

I'd rather get another fire emblem character than lets say Crash, Spyro, Rayman, Sora, Ederick, Doom Guy, Vault Boy, Monster Hunter, or any other random 3rd party character...

That being said I hope Smash news is non-existant. Its time to focus on other games Nintendo. Looking forward to seeing more Three Houses gameplay/release date.

Im really hyped for three houses most of all. Just give me a release date!

Tue Feb 12 19 10:15am
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Captain smarty pants here... As predicted be me on GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 701 a month ago... https://imgur.com/a/pJaK2Eq


You definitely called it ZXBilly.. Happy Birthday tomorrow. Wish for all the best games tomorrow. 😉

Thank you sir! I'll be in an Italian restaurant when it happens but i'm hoping for a strong line-up of announcements. I hope everyone gets a little of what they want. :D

The rumors were true, which means Metroid Prime Trilogy is confirmed.

Really hope this means fire emblem is coming in May or sooner.

Well, their Q1 is pretty barren this year, but would they really release a game so big so sudden?

Yeah, and Yoshi is Nintendo's first party game for March. I suppose Fire Emblem will be April or May.

I guess they could announce a smaller surprise title for Q1, but it's hard to tell.

I don't think April or May is out of the question, especially since it's still set for spring 2019.

Tue Feb 12 19 12:57pm
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EDIT: Nevermind! Misread something.

CA you guys at GN get a delete comment thingy now?

Aw man I have a life drawing class during that time.

Tue Feb 12 19 10:45am
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Instead of being happy that this happened, overly annoyed the tricks over at NeoGAF 2.0 are treating the leakers as if they're gods. A lucky guess was made, and they still don't know what games are tomorrow, nor will they be super fucking hype. I'm hoping for Pokémon, Atlus, and maybe Diddy Kong Racing news! But will be expecting Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Spyro news. While also faking a stomachache for the whole duration of the Nintendo Direct which always happens when I'm working! 😢

What is NeoGAF 2 supposed to be?

Tue Feb 12 19 12:41pm
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That individual probably meant ResetEra.

Tue Feb 12 19 03:23pm
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Everything wrong with Neogaf congealed and regurgitated onto the web.

Oh great... Guess they must be fun at parties.

I've lurked there constantly as they seem to be the place where breaking news or real Industry people like to set up shop and it's a cesspool. They whine so much I'd had thought the website was run by children but that insults kids. They complain about the problems about how small-minded people bully yet unironically shut you down if you don't agree with their ethics to a T.

Ya think about it. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

SNES Online games or bust. They're lying in wait in the NES Online app. Just gotta give them to us Ninty.

Yeah I won't believe the leak was any more than a lucky guess unless the games he talked about are there

What? Pikmin 4 Online you say? Oh my yes and Labo Guitar Hero crossover, you so didn't have to but if you insist. Sonic Adventure 3 for Switch exclusive, Sega, you're just too much.

Get hyped fer dem ports!

Ports like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Star Fox Zero and Devil's Third would be nice.

Would like to see Bayo3
A hint for the next Smash DLC fighter + Joker date (shadow drop?)

Love surprises more

MPT could be the shadow drop
Some more Wii U ports 101 or TMS#FE

Tue Feb 12 19 02:11pm
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Yay, a direct for my birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday, too.
Happy birthday!!

Wed Feb 13 19 11:15am
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And a happy birthday to you too then.

Got my bingo card ready!

That's fun! Thank you.

Thanks, I have fun making them.


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