Super Mario RPG's Japanese release is filled with many, MANY pop culture references

The Japanese version of Super Mario RPG is absolutely chock-full of messages that make reference to all aspects of pop culture. There are references to anime, music, movies, and more. For example, the line above is a reference to Lupin the III's Goemon.

Obviously, most of these references were yanked from the localized version of the game, as audiences around the world just wouldn't understand them. The decision makes perfect sense, but all these years later, we can finally get a look at what was changed and the references tied to those lines!

Check out the feature here


Wow, there sure is a lot. And they really simplified the English right down. Great game nonetheless.

Fri Feb 22 19 12:23pm
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Yeah translators (especially for RPGs) didn't have a lot of room to work with at the time, so unfortunately things either had to be cut or changed (provided if the translators were fluent enough to pick up on Japanese references and culture instead of just straight localizing without care for context).

Link to some famous stories about localizing classic games like Secret of Mana for SNES: https://hg101.kontek.net/localization/localization.htm

Fri Feb 22 19 02:03pm
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Interesting to see how the translators messages were more often than not worse than the originals. Some of them are probably more fitting than the Japanese ones in some cases, though. Like that part about the micro goomba saying something about flicking and beans. Why is that in the game!?

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