Pokemon Sword & Shield fans pick Sobble as their favorite new starter Pokemon

After over 212k votes on Twitter, the favorite of the new Pokemon starters has been chosen. Pokemon Sword & Shield fans took to Pokemon's official Twitter account to vote on their favorite starter, and Sobble ended up taking the win. With that said, competition was extremely close. Sobble took in 38% of the vote, with Scorbunny taking in 37%. Grookey came in third place with 25%.

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I just hope scorbunny doesn't evolve into a fire/fighting type. That's been my fear for every new starter pokemon reveal.

Thu Feb 28 19 06:06pm
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One of my friends thinks it's gonna be fire/electric which would be pretty rad

The final evolution will be Buffbunny!

After some careful consideration, I've decided that I prefer Sobble now over Scorbunny. It is probably the most agreeable one in terms of design and sensible influence.

I think I ultimately like Scorbunny best, followed by Sobble, followed by Grookey. However, I think Grookey has the best NAME of the three. It's just fun to say. Grookey! Grookey! Grooookey!

And for Marvel fans out there: I AM GROO-KEY!

The grass type never gets the credit it deserves, beyond Rowlett.

I almost always choose a water type first, except for Totodile (Cyndaquil was infinitely better). I don't dislike the others, but Sobble is my choice And there's a solid chance he's gonna be a Water/Dragon type

I will wait for the evos for final judgement but for now I pick him because he has a meme face and looks the least weird of all them. If the bunny evolves into something super cool and badass like Incineroar I'll get him, otherwise I'll get Sobble. Grass starter's likely going to be the Pignite of this gen for me in that I'll absolutely despise it more than likely and it'll never be useful. Then again, I thought that about Popplio only for Primarina to exist and woo me over...

Thu Feb 28 19 10:43pm
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Fire type - "What if Pachirisu was a bunneh?"

Grass type- "What if Turtwig was a monkey?"

Water type - "What if Froakie was a beautiful round boi?"

(Fire Bunneh is my spirit animal)

Thu Feb 28 19 11:59pm
Rating: 2

People like Sobble? Frankly, I find it by far the most boring of the 3.

Scorbunny ftw.


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