GoNintendo Video - Let's check out Overwhelm on Switch & talk about realism in games

Overwhelm doesn't have "realistic" graphics, but does that make it any less real? Do games with "realistic" graphics automatically become more immersive, or can that detract from the experience? Let's play some Overwhelm and talk about the topic!

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I think immersion, or deep engagement, is a lot more important than pure realism, and then again, not all games have to be deeply engaging. Realism can contribute to engagement, but quality soundtracks, interesting art styles, well-designed worlds and good characters are just as, if not more important.

Sun Mar 17 19 04:05am
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There was a quote from Shigeru Miyamoto, during the development of the Windwaker that said:

"Zelda is a game that values reality over realism."

I think Breath of the Wild shows it much more, considering few other games have their worlds react to other elements in the way that game does.

Is Overwhelm randomly generated or procedural in any way ?
Because if it's not, the game is right up my alley.


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