Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character designer sends out cryptic tweet about VR

Saito Masatsugu, character designer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, is stirring up some speculation with the above tweet. Both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are getting updates to support Nintendo Labo VR, but could other games see the same? With Masatsugu tweeting out a very simple 'VR,' fans are wondering if something is in the works, or it's just the hopes of Masatsugu. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in VR would certainly be a sight to behold, so I'm definitely hoping there's more to this tweet than just riling up fans.


Sat Apr 06 19 03:12pm
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He's worked on plenty of other projects. Xenoblade 2 runs way under 720p in portable mode it's not going to happen. Mind you hes also not a Monolithsoft employee so this could just be a general post or be about another project. I'd say its more likely to not be anything related to Switch than to somehow mean Xenoblade 2 is getting its own VR mode which would require dedicated developers to be taken off of bigger and honestly far more important projects.

Come on. It's Saitom we're talking about. He's probably excited he gets to see some boobies in VR or something XD.

I love Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but they can't even get it to stay at 720p 30fps while docked. I can't see this being anything other than a mess, unless they just use VR for some limited in-game tech demo, like for viewing character models or something.

Maybe he was helping develope the VR Labo kit Smile

The VR actually stands for Valiant Rex.


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