Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - Switch Vs. iOS Vs. DS comparison

Which one takes the cake?

We already know that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Switch will look better than the DS versions of those games, but just how much better? Does this Trilogy look better than the iOS versions Capcom released? Check out the footage above and see for yourself!


I think it's a matter of preference. It's a cartoon game with text, graphics are the least of my concern here. The DS has dual screen controls that reduce flipping back and forth which seals it for me. I think it's cool that there's an HD Switch version but im perfectly fine with the DS trilogy.

It looks way better on Switch. But the iOS version is a really lazy effort. They did a good job here, but it's yet another port from Capcom.

How's about a new game. Kinda tired of this being rereleased so much.


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