GoNintendo Video - My Parents Play: Cuphead

We're back, baby!

Very quick rundown of why My Parents Play has been gone for so long. My parents were moving, there were a bunch of hiccups, and it was a nightmare. We finally got them all moved into their new place, and now things are getting back to normal. That includes their usual visits to my place, and today we had the opportunity to get some game time in!

Based on a fan suggestion, I sat my parents down for Cuphead and the disaster I knew awaited. I hope this makes for a great return episode!

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Games: Cuphead


Fri Apr 12 19 08:37am
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You're parents are neato!
My parent's would probably spend all that time trying to work out who is who and get confused between one another.
Kudos on sticking it out that far with a good humor about it all. My parents would have lost their minds in frustration and told me that the game is stupid and to turn it off. lol

The glory days have returned!

I was starting to get a little worried there for a while! Thought maybe they had gotten sick or something. Glad to see they are back!

Having them play on Regular was too cruel. On Simple they might have at least got to a 2nd boss.

Best part was them never even trying to save the others ghosts when they died.


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