SNK report puts SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy at over 300k sold, new Metal Slug in development for consoles

Heavy machine gun!

We've got a double-dose of good news about SNK today. First up, SNK Corporation chairman Ge Zhihui has confirmed that SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy has managed to sell over 300k units. It looks like this one was a slow-but-steady seller, as 300k is nothing to sneeze at!

Second, and possibly more important, Zhihui has confirmed that a new Metal Slug game is in the works. This is a title for consoles, and not the mobile game that was discussed recently. No specific platforms were mentioned, but I'll be keeping all fingers/toes crossed for a Switch version.


SNK Heroines was a fun fighter but the unlocks were kind of underwhelming unless you want to spend hours in sort of a photo mode.

Tue Apr 16 19 07:56am
Rating: 2

No rocket lawn chair, no buys.

How do you make a new Metal Slug and make it feel fresh?

Does one make new detailed sprites or dare to make a 2.5D game?

If it wasn't for the slow leveling up Metal Slug Mobile Impact was a decent change of pace for the game. I enjoyed it.

(looks at nu KOF)

(looks at nu SamSho)

...NuSlug's going to be 3D chars on a 2D plane isn't it.

Oh god please no... Please SNK, don't debase this series with your horrid 3D engines and plastic 3D art direction.

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