RUMOR - Nintendo's Quality of Life department no more, sleep monitoring project cancelled

The situation is a shame, considering how long we've been hearing about Nintendo's Quality of Life prospects. It never seemed to fully come together after the initial excitement. While the sleep monitor could've been neat, if the quality isn't there, that would obviously bring up a problem.
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Wasn't it already confirmed to be cancelled?

I believe that they said previously that they put that project on the back burner since I want to say 2014

Still waiting on the Wii Vitality Sensor.

I was thinking the same thing.

Wed Apr 17 19 09:29pm
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How am I supposed to sleep at night now?

Don't worry about it, Morgana will help us go to sleep

Iwata had to throw investors something after no demand for their home console after Wii. Fortunately, the hybridization of home console and portable took off, but there had to be a contingency product. I’m sure as we speak new contingency plans are being talked about to ensure the company is never left without options should game hardware falter

Wed Apr 17 19 11:34pm
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Satoru Iwata's vision could not come true at all....

Unfortunately he died so I think that has a lot to do with it not moving forward.

I doubt I would have bought whatever it was, but I would still love to have seen it.

Thu Apr 18 19 03:59am
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I do wonder if the Health market was something they were seriously considering as a full-time venture, what with the sudden success of Wii Fit and the flop of Wii U.

The plan probably got a dent in it when Fitbits and similar became more common place, as well as apps for smartphones.

I still want my Wii Vitality Sensor.

If they make a mobile app version like a Mario Fitness or something, it would be better imo. Heck - they can tie it with all their titles if they wish. I wouldn't mind Isabelle being my health coach. :p


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