Nintendo wipes out inappropriate Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder creations

Erection redirection

As we mentioned yesterday, Nintendo fans were quick to jump in on Smash Bros. Ultimate's stage builder feature and let their imaginations run wild. Unfortunately that meant a lot of filth and inappropriate content, which hit online mere minutes after the update made it to consumers. Thankfully Nintendo seems to have gotten a grip on the situation, having already yanked almost all of the offending stages. Hopefully that doesn't include the beautiful Captain Falcon above!


You got the "Unfortunately" and "Thankfully" reversed. Otherwise, good content!

It's going to have to be a continual effort from Nintendo to win this battle. I'd liken it to throwing buckets of water out of a sinking boat just to stay afloat.

drew ciccotelli
Fri Apr 19 19 08:15am
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Oh yeah, you think they are getting a bunch of boners in a bucket and tossing them into the Pen15 sea.

I don't get it, why did so many people make stages of whales throwing up?

I'm sure that's a fetish somewhere. I dont know why but if they can dream it someone probably gets off on it.


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