Nintendo Fiscal Year Financial Results Briefing - event recap

What news will the briefing bring?

Nintendo is hosting their usual Fiscal Year Financial Results Briefing today, which could bring all sorts of info. Sometimes these events are full of news, and other times it's just a rehash of what we learned yesterday. Either way, we'll be updating this post with whatever the briefing has to offer. Keep refreshing to see what's discussed!

- Switch is globally ahead of 3DS pace, but behind DS/Wii. This has to do with launch timing, as Switch launched in March.
- Smash Bros is the driver of post new year sales for Switch
- Nintendo is seeing expansion of games played by those users who grabbed Switch for Smash Bros. Ultimate
- game sales are up 50% YoY in March's quarter as a result of these consumers
- Switch software sales per hardware are better than Wii
- Monthly active users have doubled YoY in March's quarter
- along with main titles, Nintendo is working on new titles that communicate the fun users can experience with Switch
- Pokemon Sword & Shield is most geared towards portable play
- Switch releases are continuous, with other unannounced titles also planned
- Spring - VR, Super Mario Maker 2, Summer - Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, Winter - Pokemon, and so on
- Switch Online now has 9.8m accounts, excluding trial members
- Tetris 99 has been played by 2.9 million accounts
- Nintendo plans to add more Switch Online, including more titles to make it more attractive
- mobile business is expanding with 2 titles this Summer, including Mario Kart Tour
- Nintendo still does not know exact launch timing for the Switch's release in China
- Nintendo aiming to increase the Switch software tie ratio
- With Switch Online, Nintendo wants to enhance the service so that more people will join
- Cloud gaming is important and Nintendo will continue to accommodate for that
- Nintendo aims to do two to three mobile titles a year
- Nintendo does not expect China to contribute a large portion of Switch sales, as most players are mobile
- Tetris 99 helped drive newcomers to Switch Online
- 4Q YoY is different for sell-in and sell-through, as there is a lag between the two.
- last year there was little inventory in system, but this year that's not the case
- Nintendo doesn't think sell through momentum is a problem
- there are concerns in the third year will be Switch's peak, but looking at momentum leads Nintendo to believe that won't be the case
- With the Mario Kart Tour beta, they expect a large amount of people who will want to play, and their feedback will help mold the title
- nothing official to share yet, but Nintendo is talking with Tencent about bringing their mobile games to China
- Nintendo does not have any defense system for a hostile takeover, but at such an event could be handled legallyr

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Looking good Nintendo. Another very strong year for Switch.

Switch software sales per hardware are better than Wii

Not too surprising. We’ve know that software per Switch is quite high whereas tons of Wii were bought forWii Sports and would never go on to purchase a second title.

The attach rate of the Wii is actually 9.06 (the second highest in Nintendo history, only being the GameCube at 9.59), so if the Switch is outpacing it in the current state of the sales cycle it is pretty impressive.

I’ve got 20 hours into Tetris 99 so far. Just got my first Tetris Maximus during my lunch break today! Anyway, Tetris 99 alone almost makes NSO worth the annual cost. The excellent NSO NES app seals the deal. Can’t wait to see what else they add to it.

I find it rather interesting that they said the Pokemon Sword and Shield is geared more towards portable play. I do hope that it can played in both modes rather than just portable mode. But than again I usually play my Switch in handheld mode for most of the time.

- Spring - VR, Super Mario Maker 2, Summer - Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, Winter - Pokemon, and so on

I sure hope Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing are still part of the "and so on" there.

Nintendo does not have any defense system for a hostile takeover, but at such an event could be handled legally

This part stood out a bit.

Microsft tried to purchase them ince... They might try again as it looks.

If switch online is doing so well, then why are people bashing at it?

It's doing "well" because it's cheap. And so is the entire service. Pretty cheap. You get what you pay for.

Then what's the complaining for?

People want more free stuff and complain when they can't get it. OK. I can agree that it could and should be better than it is, but I also think they are working on it. I am one of those who actually thinks they will add a lot more eventually, but the prices might change.

Still saying an F-Zero GC with online would be a hit.


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