IGN Unfiltered - Denis Dyack: Working on Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear, & More

Veteran game creator Denis Dyack talks about his wild career, from convincing Nintendo not to nix Eternal Darkness's sanity effects to working with Hideo Kojima to suing Epic Games, and more!

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Can't watch it at the moment, but does he talk about how ending his cozy relationship with Nintendo was the biggest mistake of his career that still keeps him awake at night? Because, seriously, that ranks as one of the top most foolish moments in the history of the industry.

I'm wondering when he'll let the whole Blood Omen thing go already so it can finally be sold on GOG.

Dennis it was 20 years ago and the franchise isn't getting any new games anytime soon, just let Square and Crystal Dynamics put it on GOG and Steam already.

I think tanking his company by losing a countersuit against Epic Games for using Unreal Engine is a much dumber move. Dyack lost all credibility and in-turn wasn't able to work with Microsoft or come back with Nintendo any longer.

Tue May 07 19 07:06pm
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He does actually, and says it wasn't a good business idea in retrospect. Nintendo went into a focus towards smaller games (think WiiSports, WiiPlay, WarioWare, etc) at the end of the GameCube generation, and his studio and their focus on cinematic, deeper games would be a styles clash. Nintendo wanted them to work on stuff like that and he didn't believe he could support that role. Funny, he said they should have just done it because in a few years Nintendo would have shifted back eventually... which they did after Xenoblade.

This is a real good listen actually. I'm a history fan, especially a game history fan, so this was fun. Though Dyack seems to forgot a lot of it.

Tue May 07 19 09:35pm
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I don't know Dennis personally but I will never forgive how he tore down a foothold, a studio that had ties with Nintendo with-in the province I lived growing up. Even in high school I was so excited over how the partnerships with Next Level and Silicon Knights in my own country meant there was an even better chance to work in some way with Nintendo. Watching Silicon crumble as I entered collage hurt quite a bit but with the recent collaborations with indies, I hope Nintendo will have a resurgence in working with western devs like they did during the Game Cube era.


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