Resident Evil 4 on Switch doesn't include motion controls

What a bummer

Well, I think we have some insight into just how much Capcom cares about the Switch port of Resident Evil 4. This version of the game is a straight port of the other HD re-releases, which means it doesn't include motion controls. Many were hoping some of the features from the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 would be included, but sadly, that's not the case.


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Mon May 20 19 04:14pm
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And you feel like it's being "entitled" to want the same price for the same game?

Mon May 20 19 12:24pm
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Well, that tears it.. I'm absolutely NOT buying it now. I've had an urge to play RE4 again for quite a while now, and I was all set to drop money on it immediately. But the only way I was going to overlook that ridiculous price was if the motion controls were still there. I just don't understand what Capcom thinks about Switch owners for them to do this.

I'm not even going to buy it on PC or PS4. Just gonna let this one go.

Ok it's a deal breaker, I'll stay with the wii version.

Zero updates or enhancements, For triple the price!

Mon May 20 19 12:57pm
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This is baffling. The Revelations games had already a working setup they could have added. Then again, I don't know how hard, how many people and how much money they put into this port.

Still for charging more, it might have been wise to distinguish this version from the other ports. I suppose the portable aspect does that, but it feels like a missed opportunity.

I'm starting to see ports falling into the same pit as emulators, in that a game can get unexpected bugs and issues the original version didn't had.

Capcom's laziness knows no bounds.

I already own it on PC, why would I buy the switch version without motion controls? This is a deal breaker.

I guess that makes the Wii version still the definitive version.

Just gonna wait until it goes on sale.

Not buying it then. I still have the definitive Wii version, so I'm sticking with that.

What were people expecting? The PS4 has the MOVE controllers and it didn't get motion controls, so why would the Switch version get them? That makes no sense. Y'all are super entitled.

Mon May 20 19 03:03pm
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The Switch version of RE4 costs $30 for Switch and $20 for other consoles. This is not because of cartridge costs, as all versions are digital. People thought that maybe the extra $10 was for Capcom to put the work in on enabling motion controls, but apparently Capcom just expects Switch owners to pay more for absolutely no reason.

We are not all "super entitled".

Plenty of publishers and developers, both large and small, charge more for the Switch releases of their games. Some titles are launching at $59.99 when the PS4 and Xbone versions are down to $20 or less. Very, very few of those games that got price increases got additional content. At no point did Capcom ever indicate that the Switch versions would have bonus content. Expecting something when there's no reason or indication to expect it is entitlement.

Mon May 20 19 04:14pm
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And you feel like it's being "entitled" to want the same price for the same game?

Corporate apologism if ever I've heard it.

The PS4 version also doesn't cost $30.

Since this is exactly the same as the PS4 version, with no retail release to blame on increased production costs, the only two reasons they have for charging this much is they were putting a slight marginal amount more effort into the port, or they're just intentionally and blatantly overcharging for this; and although most of us suspected it was the later, it's not "entitled" to hope it was the former instead.

Mon May 20 19 04:43pm
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I don't disagree with the complaints about price. It IS too much for what it is. However, I'd like to point out that Switch owners have already demonstrated a willingness to pay full price for last gen ports. In fact, Tropical Freeze cost more on Switch than it ever did on Wii U yet it still sold quite well. Not saying it's right, just that Capcom is going to charge what they think it'll sell for.

But Tropical Freeze came with a totally Funky new mode, Brah! You have a point though. For me it isn't about the price, but rather I just wanted this to be THE version of Res 4.

That’s totally fair. Capcom does a lot of sales so I might pick this up when that happens. Not a definitive version but probably a sold version for on the go.

that very disappointing to hear that the Switch version of Resident Evil 4 lack features like gyro or motion control, HD Rumble, i was hoping that this version of RE4 is based in the Wii version of RE4, the best version of Resident Evil 4.

Motion controls are a lame gimmick anyhow unless it's in a rail shooter. If they ported the Rail shooter spinoffs and excluded motion I could definitely understand why it would be dumb, but I honestly don't mind that motion is absent from this game.

I do think the $30 price without the lack of a physical is silly though, but DKCTF was a worse case scenario and that somehow did way more than the Wii U $20 version so I'm not surprised people are having it marked as a premium. RE4HD has been an afterthought on other platforms anyhow, with no platinum trophy for PS3/PS4, no Move Support (similar to this version's lack of motion, though I feel that's no big loss) and a very barebones port. For the game that's on every platform, it's almost a given it's just going to be the main game by now and I don't know why people thought otherwise.

Just because the Switch is portable doesn't mean straight port games warrant a higher price tag without more development.

Maybe DVDs intended for use in a portable DVD player should cost more by that logic.


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