Mario Tennis Aces - Final new character and costumes revealed

So long, Dry Bowser!

Dry Bowser is going to be the final new character making his way to Mario Tennis Aces. He's due to release July 1st, 2019 for online tournament participants, and Aug. 1st, 2019 for everyone else.

The Bonus Play Costumes for the July Online Tournament will be Wario and Waluigi overalls. August will see the final new costumes, which are Koopa Troopa and Koopa Paratroopa colors.

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Thu May 30 19 08:42am
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This game would have been a lot more enjoyable had all of this stuff been unlockable in game rather than given these arbitrary time limits. This game would have been the comeback Mario Tennis needed had they decided to make it a complete game right off the bat.

The most offensive part is that nearly all this was in the game’s files on Launch Day and they just sat there. Heck, Baby Mario is still in the game’s files but I guess that on cart DLC is never coming out. How the heck did Nintendo not get heavily criticized for this?


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