Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at 1.73 million sold worldwide as of March 2019

A strong reception

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 turned out to be a bigger hit than Nintendo and Monolith Soft were expecting. The game has done quite well for itself, moving 1.73 million units worldwide as of March 2019. This information was confirmed by Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi in an interview shared today.


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Fri Jun 07 19 03:12pm
Rating: 7

Well deserved, it deserves more imo.
But glad it's done this much. Love it so much.

Fri Jun 07 19 03:04pm
Rating: 1

That's a good number. If only I actually could enjoy the game...

Fri Jun 07 19 03:12pm
Rating: 7

Well deserved, it deserves more imo.
But glad it's done this much. Love it so much.

Fri Jun 07 19 03:14pm
Rating: 2

tbh this is my favorite game on the Switch by far, the last few chapters were just totally jaw-dropping, I hope most people who bought the game actually got that far

I'm interested in seeing what Monolith is cooking up next. This is the only game of theirs I've played, but they've proven they can create a good open-world game with deep and satisfying gameplay mechanics.

Fri Jun 07 19 03:58pm
Rating: 1

Fantastic sequel. I hope the future releases are less fan-servicey in character design. The game can stand on it’s own without having to pander to a niche audience.

The terrible character designs are pretty much the main reason I haven't played this game yet despite loving the previous two. I still think I'll do it eventually, but the unnecesary anime titties killed all the hype I had before release.

Fri Jun 07 19 05:22pm
Rating: 1

To me, it's less about the designs of the characters and more about the consistency of the designs/artists used. Nothing says "mobile gatcha game" more than multiple different artists all with clashing art styles designing characters that stand out so obviously next to each other. This was my main gripe with how the game looked. If they chose maybe just one or two artists who complimented each other to do all the designs, we could've been fine.

I remember hearing somewhere that one of the character designers used to work on hentai doujins, and I can see it. Reminds me of how the creator of Hellsing also used to do hentai and you can sort of tell which characters in Hellsing were holdovers from his hentai days.

Incredible game. And honestly, I wish it sold a lot more, because it absolutely deserves it. It's a shame it couldn't at least break the 2 million mark. It's easily the best single player game on Switch in my opinion.

An incredible game this is. The sales numbers are very impressive for a JRPG, but honestly it is deserving for more. The game is a part of the Switch Voucher deal so you could see a few more digital sales. Not sure if it could hit 2 million, not unless a character from the game ends up in Smash Bros as a fighter to promote it further, which I honestly find doubtful.


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