Animal Crossing: New Horizons will not connect to Pocket Camp, plus new info on neighbors, Resident Services, Nook Phone, and more

So much to see and do!

We have to wait until March 2020 to go hands-on with the final version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some new details now! Here's another wave of info on the upcoming title.

- you’ll start with two or so neighbors
- before they choose a spot for their home, these two neighbors will check with you to see if it’s okay
- if you don't like where they've chosen, you can pick a spot for them
- the islanders that move onto the island with you at the start can't be forced off, but they might leave on their own
- some new elements in gameplay include building up the island, and building something from scratch
- there will be a system that gives an opportunity to invite animals to the island
- Timmy and Tommy, and Tom Nook will already be on the island as well
- the animals who join you are also in debt to Tom Nook
- Tom Nook has a place called Resident Services, and this is what all of his Bells go into
- you can live in a tent forever if you'd like
- there won't be direct connectivity to Pocket Camp, but there will be collaborative items between the two
- there will be new hair and facial features to choose from
- there aren't any new personality types.
- the Nook Phone will get new apps
- you can’t set up a tent on a friend’s island.
- there are new ways to improve your friendship with Islanders, like gifting them crafted items
- islanders can teach you new DIY recipes


fingers crossed for RMC beard DLC

No new personality types. :/ I want more focus on the animal villagers over crafting and customization. Hopefully they're more robust at least. Also the friendship level has to return, and none of that nonsense where missing one day forces them to want to leave.

Yeah, the lack of new personality types is what worries me a bit. All the animals quickly feel very samey, especially if you have like 8 villagers and there are only like 4 different personalities. You'll quickly spot the similarities between them.

Wed Jun 12 19 11:25pm
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I hope amiibo cards can be used to summon animals. I can’t have a town without Elmer.

new villager would like to build a house in front of your front door..

you place him at the furthest corner of the island surrounded by pitholes..



Wed Jun 12 19 11:48pm
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Huh, I'm pretty sure they said Pocket Camp would connect with the main series games... guess they decided it wasn't worth the effort.

I can't recall them saying that. Do you have a source for this?

They said this when Pocket Camp was first announced.

Thu Jun 13 19 12:23pm
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From my experience, NOTHING in Pocket Camp is worth the effort... just a sad, pointless experience for the several weeks I tried to play it. I won't mind if it never connects.

the islanders that move onto the island with you at the start can't be forced off
Then I'll feed them to the sharks, I will!

- there will be new hair and facial features to choose from

CHOOSE from? Do we finally get to directly choose how our villager looks?!

They introduced in Pocket Camp but it's good to see it appear in New Horizons. It's so convenient!


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