GoNintendo - Now with 80% more Discord

This is what the kids are into these days, right?

Just like Nintendo being a little late to the party on some technologies and such, GoNintendo is finally (officially) on Discord ! ... yeah, probably a year overdue... meh, it happens.

The IRC room for the time being isn't going away. There's a bridge setup so the room is piped to the Discord server and the other way around through my porygon bot. But, all good things must come to an end eventually. "Sometime" in the future, I can see IRC being retired.

Anywho, the chat page has been updated to include the invite link to the Discord server as well as the web chat for legacy IRC. The sidebar of the site also has a direct link to the invite by clicking on the little Discord icon.

The "plan," at least what I hope will happen, is podcast chat this coming Saturday can be had in the Discord. There is a dedicated podcast room for this purpose.

Hope to see you there.


Click Here for the GoNintendo Discord Invite

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Big upgrade. Seeing profile pictures and people's images is going to be refreshing!


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