GoNintendo Video - Marvel's Avengers' E3 backlash was great advertising for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Missteps for one lead to gains for another

Marvel's Avengers was revealed at E3 2019, and for a decent amount of people, it sent them running towards Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Let's talk about why that is.

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My opinion: the problem with Marvel Avengers graphics, like many so-called realistic graphics, is that they've gone full-blown uncanny valley... they look like real people, but they still move like robots...

It's uncanny that I submit nearly the same comment at the same time! I completely agree.

It's funny too, because I often don't notice uncanny valley... or maybe people are just being hyperbolic? But these newer games and their "realism" just looks so wrong... and its not just this game either. Injustice 2 is another good example... super realistic characters, super robotic animations...

This is the drawback of driving the gaming industry with such breakneck speed towards movie realism. Customers are going to see less and less of a difference between the two products. That's the bed these game developers are making, they have to sleep in it.

On the customer side it seems to me that fans are becoming way too aggressive on who and what they want to see in their entertainment. These actors are not beholden to be married to these characters unless they have signed a contract. The actors have other projects they want to do, and the game developers have their own creative vision. If that creative vision includes uncanny valley mocap dolls, then that's their right.

Mon Jun 17 19 11:25pm
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Game developers should make games, not movies.

Tue Jun 18 19 12:00am
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I played the Switch game at Best Buy a few days ago. It was fun, but simple and button-mashy. I think a little kid could jump in and have a lot of fun with his favorite heroes. But not me. I'm sick to death of Marvel superheroes and this is just another story about gathering some silly magic rocks. I'm not even curious what the Square-Enix game plays like.

Road maps, unfinished game, and user recruitment(whats the term they like to use?) spending are the reason im not interested in squares game.

TBH I don't think either game looks very good.

Agree. The Ps4 has potential if it could rival Spiderman but the Switch game looks like a Wii game.

Tue Jun 18 19 09:02am
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For those of you saying the game doesn't look very good I sort of had the same thought initially (despite being a huge fan of the first 2). I would recommend you check out the Treehouse Video 2 from E3 that demos all of the progression and crafting mechanics. The progression looks intense, almost as if they are paving the way for some Diablo-esque endgame. WIth the massive quantity of characters and all the customization, crafting, and upgrade options I think this game will offer tons of replay and that is not mentioning the DLC.

The 2nd game was a pretty vanilla beat'em up and the first game had a ton of drops and items that were cool fan service, but this one looks like they are focusing more on teams and roster while enabling progression. I am super excited, and the deal was done when they confirmed they aren't shunning Marvel's First Family. RMC the newborn comic nerd knows what that means.

Jim Sterling did a good video on why, with the art style looking realistic, it makes the human faces of the cast look like a foreign knock-off of the avengers, and the game is yet another "Live Service" which are a fraud and people are starting to see that.


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