Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe says Metroid Prime 4 wasn't mentioned at E3 because they wanted people to focus on Luigi's Mansion 3

There's always next year

Nintendo didn't make a peep about Metroid Prime 4 at this year's E3. We know the game restarted development from scratch with Retro at the helm, and it can't be all that far along. Still, wasn't there anything to share about the game at all? Eurogamer asked Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe about Samus' next adventure, and you can see the exchange below.

EG: Mr. Tanabe I can't not ask you about a certain other project you're working on - Metroid Prime 4. We haven't seen anything of it at all this E3. Do you have an update for fans waiting patiently for it?

Tanabe: I shouldn't say, it's a little tricky... To be completely honest, at this E3 I just want people to pay attention to Luigi. If I mention something about Metroid Prime 4, people will focus on that. But when the time comes, I am so ready to talk about it!


Since the game is in such early development I think we could perhaps have gotten some concept art and no more, so it's better like this. Then again, I would like some concept art NOW. E3 is over.

Wed Jun 19 19 08:04am
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Ok, but where is my Metroid Prime Trilogy?

If MP4 turns out even remotely as good as BoTW, I'll gladly wait for a.while.

What if it adds and takes like Breath of the Wild also?

Like having it being a seamless environment and you start with most powerups? The main issue with that design approach is balancing difficulty.

Though I think a story told through memories could fit more in Metroid since most of the places you visit is at the aftermath of a cataclysmic event.

And "open air" world for Metroid is something I have been hoping for since Prime 3. The small parts of "controlling" the ship and going to different places really got my imagination kicking on that.

Or a VR Metroid game =)

I'm not sure if full open spaces are suited for Metroid. Particularily because Samus doesn't move that fast in the Prime games and the games in general don't seem to be designed to work with open spaces. Enemies, bosses, and Samus abilities seem to work because of the enclosed spaces. I think.

In any case they do it, I suppose it'll be like a bigger take on Federation Force environments which did had some more open spaces than the Prime games.

I did like the bond with the spaceship in Prime 3.

Perhaps not as open as BOTW, but at least a bit more open in some places. Mostly the spaceship flying which was what kinda got me. But also have corridor places for main missions. Maybe I am tinking more about am open hub then I first thought.

I'll have to see it to believe it. Metroid feels more in line to how Hollow Knight or Dark Souls tackle their progression. I think it can be open in that sense of maybe discovering areas in an open way. With a few needing certain conditions to be fully opened.

Perhaps like Nier:A (damn that agme comes a lot up) with a hub that makes it seem more open and you can go back and forth and open new locations with new items. But the "open world hub" is more space rides which gives it an open feeling. But perhaps not for a Prime game.

I wouldn't mind if they mix the formula a bit. Not as much as BOTW, but somewhat. But ehy, many a people were damned skeptical to BotW and see now how loved it is for it's changes to the core.

They’re hiring art directors for the game currently. I’d say there’s not much to show at this point.

Their is nothing to show. Honestly I'd rather have seen what Retro was working on for 6 freaking years before whatever little they have ready for Prime 4. I mean I doubt they have anything to show for Prime 4 not even concept art because they dont even have an artist yet..lol

The graphics side of the development is not as hardworking as the gameplay/level design.
Maybe the game is really in advance stage of production.

Wed Jun 19 19 10:16am
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I believe it was implied they had to scrap everything. I suppose it'll be more difficult trying to work with whatever the other team had. Coding, engine, etc.

I suppose at the very least the producer could tweak some aspects of the vision. Now that he's seeing the project start all over again.

First of all, Art is currently making up a higher workload in modern game development than programming in design. Also even if you don't add the fact that they just started looking for an Art Director, the game itself has only been in development for less than a year, there is absolutely no way it is ready to show.

The Art Director is for art assets and the overall art design in game, they absolutely have some form of concept art at least from the pitch.

i have faith in Retro Studios i know it can deliver a amazing game we just have to be patient the game just got it development retarted this january.

Wed Jun 19 19 10:48am
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Metroid Prime 4: VR Labo Edition incoming.

'It's not like the game completely rebooted development or anything. We just love Luigi. The ladies do too, apparently. Not Samus, though. That's why she's not here. She hates Luigi.'

Does he realize they showed off BotW 2 and that its trailer has been picked apart dozens of times over? I think they failed to keep all eyes on LM3 with that huge reveal.

Wed Jun 19 19 12:54pm
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I think the implication here is that he is supervising both Luigi's Mansion 3 and Metroid Prime 4. So when he means not distracting from Luigi's Mansion he's referring to the games he's working on.

This explanation makes zero sense lol, just say MP4 isn't far enough along in development

Thu Jun 20 19 01:19am
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There's always next year

Next year they'll want us to focus on Zelda BOTW 2. :P


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