Capcom shares 'Adult Masterpieces' Switch promo video

Very mature, Capcom

Capcom wants you to know that they have a lineup of very adult and very mature games on the Switch. That's why they've put together a special Japanese trailer to look at the 'adult masterpieces' they've released on the platform so far. How many of these games did you pick up?

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So far Dragon's Dogma I and RE-Revelations are ones I got

I will wait for DMC discount

I guess these are all technically adult but the way they are is all very different... odd way to market them.

I have none of the games they have show on my Switch, but I own Resident Evil Remake on the Wii and RE 4 on the Game Cube. I want Dragons Dogma, RE 5 and RE 6 (this one I never played before)


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