Nintendo takes part in the Seattle Pride Parade 2019

Play it proud

Nintendo has once again officially taken part in a pride parade. This time around, they showed up as part of the Seattle Pride Parade 2019. This seems to be a traditional Nintendo has taken on in recent years. Very cool to see them show up and get in on the support.

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Thanks, I thought the devs and console makers flew to Seattle to take part. 🙄

Sun Jun 30 19 05:46pm
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Nintendo of America, the marketing and sales company, took part in this, not NCL (you know, the Nintendo company that makes beloved hardware and software). It's worth pointing out the difference.

Thanks, I thought the devs and console makers flew to Seattle to take part. 🙄

Look up the word “subsidiary” 🙄

Sun Jun 30 19 06:03pm
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So awesome for them to support their community’s pride event and also to support their employees.

Sun Jun 30 19 07:17pm
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"Play it Proud"

...Oh! I get it! It's a play on their old motto in the 90s, "Play it Loud".

I still don’t believe I was homophobic for most of my young life... and now I hope to still be alive to see that parades like these aren’t necessary, that humanity is so evolved it’s just as common to see one’s sexuality fit as most people think it’s to be heterosexual.

Great move, Nintendo.

Me: rainbow capitalism is problematic.

Also me: yaaaas Nintendo slay the house down boots mawma pander to my gay ass!

So do you think companies should not be supporting their employees and gay consumers? I work for a company in Australia that took a definite "on the fence" stance with our same sex plebiscite. They were too afraid of offending anyone so they chose no support. I was so annoyed at them for not sticking up for what was right and especially because they have a lot of gay people in their employ.

I don't know how this cynical conversation started in the gay community, because it reeks of homophobes who are sick of companies supporting us, so they are turning us against them. I mean really, come on, it's a bit ridiculous to criticize any kind of support we get.

On one side, it’s starting to feel forced and trendy to go all rainbow for a month and then nothing for the rest of year.

My (American) company, located in Ireland, likes to rainbow it up for the month for June and use me and others as a token statistic but the rest of the year it seems they couldn’t give two shovels. Honestly sometimes it feels like nothing more than a marketing and PR stunt.

On the other side, it does publicly announce that a company is (supposed to be) inclusive and all that but in my experience there’s been little practice what you preach. It’s still better than nothing I guess.

The thing is that the issue is much more complex than either "thing good" or "thing bad." What's more, it's just a piece of bigger issues regarding both capitalism and LGBTQ+ rights.

We don't really need to get into the macro criticisms of capitalism, but for the purposes of this discussion, let's just grant that while A) there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, B) that doesn't mean you can't try. To that end, while brands coming out in support of Pride is a good thing on its face, it's worth taking a step back and examining what the intentions of the brand are. Yes, it is ultimately to generate positive press and sell more goods, this is universal; however, do these brands just trot out the rainbow merchandise in June and call it a day, or are they actually committed to inclusive workplace policies and giving back to the community? By way of example, companies including AT&T, Verizon, Chase, and Nike all supported Pride this year in some capacity, but all have donated obscene amounts of money to the campaigns of Republican lawmakers, many of whom are despicably homophobic and transphobic. PlayStation took part in a Pride parade this year (I want to say in SF or LA? I lost my link), but Sony Computer Entertainment of America only has a score of 65 on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index for most queer-friendly employers, 100 obviously being the highest score. Yes, it does feel good to see rainbows everywhere and know I'm appreciated, if only for my money, but it eventually begs the question of sincerity and authenticity. Plus, wouldn't that $29.99 you spend on a Pride-themed shirt at Target be better spent supporting an independent queer artist?

What's more, and this ties back in somewhat to what I said above, these corporations often do not care to push for societal or political change benefiting LGBTQ+ people. Putting aside the quandary of whether Pride in 2019 is meant to be a celebration or a protest -- although it could stand to be more of the latter regardless -- we are still dealing with severe issues in the queer community. Most specifically, trans people, especially trans women of color, are murdered and assaulted at an extremely high rate. For the most part, though, we only have grassroots and advocacy organizations fighting against this. Corporations will speak up, sure, and I applaud all of the ones speaking in support of the Equality Act, but are they committed to this enough to actually put their vast profits toward the cause? As I mentioned earlier, often the answer is no. This isn't to say that we can't appreciate when they do speak out, but we should demand more social responsibility beyond a rainbow Twitter avatar.

Look, at the end of the day, rainbow capitalism is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we get companies coming out and pledging support for us, catering to us, and generally making us feel that much more special when we most need and deserve it. (The fact it pisses off a lot of homophobes and transphobes, especially in the gaming community, is icing on the cake.) On the other hand, by virtue of their actions and inactions, combined with the inherent flaws of capitalism, you always have to look the gift horses in the mouth, as it were.

So long gay bowser!!!!

Mon Jul 01 19 03:59am
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This makes me sad. I don't support most of the LGBT agenda and I don't like seeing a company I like take part in it.

To those who would like this comment (and user) deleted; stop.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions here, especially when delivered in a civil manner, and in mild, unthreatening language. It's when we get hostile or attack people specifically where we draw a line.

There were plenty of ways he could have worded his comment that would have crossed that line, as thin as it is. But he didn't.

I (and other GN staff) may not agree with his views, but simple disagreement is not grounds for censorship, banning or de-platforming. That is not likely to expose him to the kinds of positive stimuli bound to enlighten, but rather likely to reinforce negativity and get everyone no where.

That's not to say anyone offended is being asked to suck a lemon. You can block him. You can walk away. I personally would encourage anyone wishing to challenge his views to do so in private messages, respectfully, and teach vs preach. Education can do wonders.

Most of the LGBT “agenda” involves campaigning to be able to marry their consenting adult of choice, to not be denied a job because of their sexuality, to be able to do something as trivial as donate blood, for their sexuality to not be a punishable crime (still is in places), to be able to adopt children. Would you not agree that a person should not be denied the above solely based on their sexuality?

Those are rights that straight people have by-default. For a gay person to be treated the same as a straight person in any of those areas isn’t an “agenda”, it is equality of rights. If you don’t consider them rights then we have a very different understanding of the word.

Since my original reply to you was deleted, I’ll ask again, what exactly do you mean by “agenda”? I’ve never seen anyone able to articulate what they actually mean when they use the term “LBGT Agenda”’.

denty one
Mon Jul 01 19 05:24pm
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I have no idea why Polsource's comment would be reported or flagged. They just stated their opinion. Nothing even remotely hateful or disrespectful about it. Being so intolerant of their opinion as to have it flagged for removal is the very definition of bigotry.

Tue Jul 02 19 01:59pm
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To call disliking and not tolerating someone demanding that a certain group be denied their rights bigotry is absolutely hilarious to me. Why should I respect people who want the rights of others to vanish?

He perceives it as an agenda, you see it as people's rights. You asked why should you respect people who want the rights of others to vanish. But isn't this talk of needing 20-30 new pronouns originating from this community? And forcing people to use them is a perfect example of people's rights vanishing.

I think it's most important for people to be themselves to be happy, whatever that is, as long as you don't hurt anyone/animals, etc. The elephant in the room is on both sides, and they have no idea they give life to and support each other. I have met plenty of selfish straight dudes that act like sheer assholes but I've also met quite a few gay guys that act like self centered little bitches who flaunt with no limit. I can't stand either as they each share the same master-ego! lol Each extreme would cease to exist if they would realize it's their ego's mind generated sense of self, which, in of itself, doesn't really exist. Ego views reality in fragments instead of a whole. Unsatisfactory feelings arise as our memory or awareness of being part of this whole fades. It's all one thing and you can feel this within but only when the egoic mind is at rest.

Oh man sorry for blabbing, breathing in too much fresh air with some delicious coffee can do that to ya! ;0)

Wed Jul 03 19 09:21am
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People's rights aren't an agenda.

If you're referring to my specific example of the 20-30 pronouns situation, those are not rights and in fact would be considered an agenda.

That’s also not an “agenda”. The overwhelming majority of people, including gay, trans, etc use the traditional male and female pronouns. The most common alternative is the they/them/their variant. Anything else is a very very very corner case and you’re unlikely to even meet a person in your lifetime that identifies outside of he/she/they. If you already have then I’m sure you’ve already gotten over the overwhelming inconvenience. (/s)

There is not a “20-30 pronouns situation”. Get over your set created hysteria.

Thu Jul 04 19 08:35am
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I don't follow this much but I was trying to understand the person above. I'm sure most use traditional pronouns or the alternatives. But even then, you can't possibly believe it's right to force people to use them. Most people will respect what that person wants to be called as long as it's not the made up ze, vis, hir, etc (you know part of my set hysteria lol) The idea that if I disagree with how you view your gender somehow means I'm discriminating against you, is a farce. Anyone with any amount of working sense can understand this is the case. Of course this doesn't mean silly laws will not be passed.

As far as my set created hysteria. Tell that to Canada where they're already promoting this 20-30 neutral gender pronoun circus.

More power to gay pride, (I have no bone in this fight) but let us not ignore the mountain of passive aggressiveness that is hiding in the midst.

Edit: It's already made it's way from Canada to NY. Regardless of how rare it is, it is absolutely wrong.

"If you are wondering, reasonably, why any of this might be relevant to Americans, you might note that legislation very similar to Bill C-16 has already been passed in New York City.

Authorities there now fine citizens up to $250,000 for the novel crime of “mis-gendering” — referring to people by any words other than their pronouns of choice (including newly constructed words such as zie/hir, ey/em/eir and co)."


So you say each and every thing various LGBT communities/groups fight for is by definition people's right? I hope not, so since there's no higher authority to say so, let me have my own mind on what is a basic right and what is agenda.

Please stop playing dumb. You're upset by a few people marching using something you like. You clearly are just upset that they DARE exist.


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