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The time has come...

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GoNintendo.com has been around for 15+ years now, and even longer if you count the old Blogspot days! From day one until now, we've been doing our best to provide the most up-to-date news source for all things Nintendo. From Nintendo's biggest titles to the latest indie efforts, GoNintendo.com has every bit of info you could want on the world of Nintendo, and then some!

Throughout those 15+ years, we've been putting out all sorts of content. Blog posts, previews, reviews, interviews, features, videos, and a podcast that hasn't missed a single week since its inception! Running GoNintendo is a full-time job, and there's never any shortage of things to talk about, or ways to showcase content. Our work has reached far and wide all thanks to you guys and gals, the loyal GoNintendo followers!

Why after all these years are we starting a Patreon page? Because you guys keep asking us to do one, that's why! While we've been reluctant to do so, the deafening cries have grown too loud for us to ignore anymore. Our Patreon is now up-and-running, and we're excited to connect with you guys in some new and interesting ways!

Looking for all sorts of tiers and what they'll get you? Sorry to disappoint, but we've only got one! A single dollar will get you everything we do here, be it early access to videos, exclusive blog posts with opinions, and more. We know some of you will be crazy enough to donate more, but we feel like $1 for everything we offer is the right way to go!

What can you expect to get for your patronage? Truth be told, this Patreon is meant as a way for fans to show support for what we do with GoNintendo in general, but you know we can't let you do that without some extra goodies! How about turning to you guys for Parents Play suggestions, or maybe even a Parents Play live-stream!? Want to hear our thoughts on other pop culture topics like movies, TV, music, professional wrestling, anime, and more? Perhaps we'll revive older GoNintendo series' like Sprite Rippers, which you'd have first access to! We're down for all of that, and are certainly willing to listen to your suggestions as well. Let's make this Patreon all about the content YOU want!

Rest assured, nothing at GoNintendo.com will ever change. You'll still get all the news/reviews/features you always get, and we'll never lock that content behind a paywall. It's ALWAYS business as usual over there, and we promise NOTHING will change. The only content our Patreon will offer is early access to some superfluous features, an exclusive home to content outside of the scope of Nintendo, and a better way for us to connect. Hopefully that sounds good to you!

Whatever support you throw our way, thank you. To think that anyone would want to give us some of their hard money for doing what we do is unbelievably humbling. The reason we've been around for 15+ years is because we've somehow found the most amazing fans the internet has ever seen. It's been our pleasure to keep you well informed on the world of Nintendo, and as long as even a single one of you is around, we'll keep doing the same for years to come.

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Tue Jul 02 19 06:22pm
Rating: 5 (Updated 1 time)

I'd but that for a dollar!

Update: And I did.

Finally. A little disappointed it's only $1 though so I'll supporting at a custom level.

FINALLY! And yeah, I definitely want to give more than $1. GoNintendo is my favorite website.

"The time has come..." to push the button. I wish you well in this endeavour.

Very sad times that such an enthusiastic site as GN has to do this. But I do get it, it just saddens me. GN is the THE go to Nintendo site of mine and I will happily support you guys, BUT... And there is always a but(t) There are others to suppoort and I am not a rich guy. Like, as an example, Japanaese ammo with Misa is a very important youtube channel for me and I want to support her for the teaching. But, again, since GN is THE Nintendo site to go to I'll help out as much as I can.

I'll admit though that I couldn't care less for reviews since I do not purchase game becauseof those, but the bearded honesty is amazing and therefore we are here!

You absolutely, positively, 100% do NOT have to support us! Your readership is what supports us!

I am being completely truthful when I said I started the Patreon at the request of fans that want to show monetary support. I promise you we are fine. There's no bad news behind the scenes, no worries about money or anything like that. All is perfectly fine here, I truly mean that.

People have been asking for 5 years for me to do this, and I labored over the idea for all of those years. When I finally clicked the publish button, I instantly felt sick to my stomach. I had a ton of worries, including one where people thought something was wrong. Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong. If there was something up, you guys would be the first to know, and it would be direct.

All is well..promise, promise, promise.

Mombrain just had to have the dolphin ice sculpture at their wedding and now we all have to pay for it.

Damnit, the secret is out!

Wed Jul 03 19 07:55am
Rating: 1

My bearded brother*, you truly scared me a bit there. Us loyal readers will support you guys if in trouble, you know. You guys do an amazing job. Such passion is rare for a big site like this. I love coming here =) OK, one dollar isn't THAT much, but I might give it to Misa for her Japanese lessons. Everyone who wants to learn Japanese should follow here youtube page. But do NOT scare me like that again, Kevin.

*I have this long, red beard that when I went to Hamar here in Norway for the ZZ Top gig basically EVERYONE were like "Yupp! We know where you're going. Can't deny that" Smile

Now I shall warm up my Super Famicom and play some Return to Dino Island...

I will gladly give a dollar each month towards this great site.

I read that as Nintendo’s Patreon and started to get very confused and angry.

When I get a job, I'll definitely be upping my amount. You deserve this, RMC!

Finally! My never ending begging was heard Smile Yes, a lot of people want to support you for what you do, don't feel bad about that, and in the long run this will help the site (and yourself).

Thank you

Tue Jul 02 19 06:22pm
Rating: 5 (Updated 1 time)

I'd but that for a dollar!

Update: And I did.

Well played. Very well played.

RMC has sold out to the man!!!


Dude you guys totally deserve some patreon flow for all your hard work!

In for a penny, in for a, uh dollar.

Tue Jul 02 19 11:16pm
Rating: 2

I'm in. I don't think I've gone a day without at least a daily view of gonintendo in almost 15 years. I discovered the site somewhere around 2005 when the Nintendo ON video led me scour forums and various fan sites for any information I could find about what would eventually become the Wii. When I discovered the site, it was in the days before the Motorola Razr and I remember being so amped about getting a Samsung Blackjack so I could look up Nintendo news anywhere. In the time since discovering GoNintendo:

-I've gotten a driver's license
-Placed as a high school all american in wrestling
-Seen three different US Presidents hold office
-Witnessed the rise of the smart phone
-Moved to 5 different states.
-Had a short lived and mediocre college football career
-Had to bury a brother and a bevy of other family members
-Graduated college and built a somewhat respectable career
-Got married
-Got divorced, lol
-Bought a home
-....and lost that too, lol

There aren't many institutions that have stuck around long enough to be a part of my life through every milestone, but I'm happy that this website has been here for the majority of my teens into my adult life. RMC, I know I don't know you or contribute on here very often, but you've been a huge part of my life and I'd be more than happy to put my money where my mouth is and contribute a little back to something that has meant so much to me.

...needless to say, I'm in. Here's to the past four console generations I've spent with you and to the next four.

Wed Jul 03 19 01:15am
(Updated 1 time)

Gonintendo is the best place Nintendo related. Although I would love if they give an option to instantly comment on an article instead of clicking it and then make a comment and then read the next news

Your suggestion is noted!

Also... Can you guys work out a way to delete double posts? I have talked a bit with Cort about this, but nothing yet. My very unstable internet makes "me" double post a lot.

Appreciate the ideas guys 👍👍

The good news is these are things we've had on our list for some time.

The bad news is these posts are pretty afar off topic; we have a couple threads in the forums for exactly this, so I'm locking this one.


I've joined the Resistance.

Or is it the Avengers?

Whatever, I hope good fortune comes to you RMC.

More than happy to support GoNintendo this way! Proud to be your $101st dollar


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