Someone was driving around New York City on an ATV while dressed as Pikachu

Pikachu riding dirty

I don't even know what to say about this. Someone decided to drive around the streets of NYC dressed in a Pikachu costume, and you can see footage of them in action above. The ATV driver was swerving around the city for no apparent reason, other than to attract attention. I guess the cops will be on the lookout for Pikachu over the next few days!

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Wed Jul 03 19 04:10pm
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Is that Etika?????.....

Nintendo will probably just sue this Pika for copyright infringement just like Maricar in Japan.

Maricar was actually infringing on their copyright though. For all intents and purposes they were basically just renting out clearly Mario related merchandise, for profit, as well as to market their service. If it was a case of someone selling a Mario costume on ebay that they made, no I doubt Nintendo would care, but here yes it was absolutely infringement.


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