Shovel Knight hits 2.5 million units sold

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Shovel Knight has been around for 5 years now. The title started life on Wii U and 3DS, and expanded to 10 other platforms, Switch included. Throughout those platforms and years, the game has amassed quite a following. In a blog post from Yacht Club Games, the company reveals that across all versions, Shovel Knight has managed to sell 2.5 million units. With more DLC on the way, we're sure that number will inch ever closer to 3 million!


Good number, but considering the reputation Shovel Knight has and how good it is, I thought it would have sold more. I have digital on WiiU, digital on 3DS and I am waiting for the physical Switch version to be released.

The game doesn't go on sale, so it has retained its' value very well. Additionally, Shovel Knight is in a lot of indie titles, so Yacht Club Games has a lot of licensing agreements with the character, which is good for their financial stability.

Thu Jul 04 19 05:13pm
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You know it's still very annoying that I had a preorder for the retail verion when it was to come out back in april, and then it was delayed due to that gimmicky multiplayer mode to june (as a placeholder) and it's July now with not even a release window. Freaking ridiculous. The Switch retail version should have launched back in April and just have it so you can download the measly patch when it was done. Or at the very least, have those enigma of an amiibo launch back then so people who preordered it back in 2017 can finally have them. I just hope the wait is worth it so I can play both SOT and King of Cards for the first time and that they're both good. I liked Plague a lot more than the main game (Which had levels too long for my liking) so I'm hoping these bonus campaigns are good


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