GoNintendo Video - Let's Play Stranger Things 3 on Switch, & Talk About The Series (Spoiler-Free!)

Life is Stranger

Stranger Things 3: The Game hit Switch on July 4th, 2019, the same day the new season of Stranger Things hit Netflix! Let's take a look at the game, and talk about the series in general. Don't worry, no story spoilers.

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Tue Jul 09 19 12:06am
Rating: 1

I am about 45 mins in, really digging it. I love tv/movie games done well.

After playing what I played for the video above, I am really excited to play more. I always love getting another way to experience a TV show or movie, and this one seems fun, and the retro aspect really fits with the Stranger Things theme.

Cool! I was looking for reviews when it came out and didn’t find any. Looking forward to watching you play.


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