Chicken Wiggle Workshop to now include stretch goal content that wasn't hit, likely won't release in 2019

Wiggling into 2020

Atooi has shared an update on the Chicken Wiggle Workship Kickstarter, and it's a mix of good and bad news. Good news is that the game is now going to include the stretch goal ideas, even though all stretch goals weren't hit. Bad news is that the game probably won't see release in 2019. Check out the full Kickstarter update below.

We originally expected Chicken Wiggle Workshop to be completed by now, hence our original expected date. As we started to put things together, we quickly realized that just a new paint job on wiggle wasn’t the right approach to this game.

We decided to expand the scope of the project by including the planned stretch goals into development to better suit our fans and the overall game experience. In doing so the project is taking longer than expected and we stumbled into some developmental issues, which pushed back the launch window.

Please understand we are a very small team. We never want to let any of you down. We failed in meeting your expectations and we are very sorry and hope you can understand we’re doing our best.

We don’t know exactly how much more time it will take other than this game won’t likely hit the 2019 release window we hoped for. We don’t want to put any more undue expectations on anyone and as soon as we have news on an exact release date we will let you know.

We apologize for the radio silence, however we thought it wasn’t good to keep saying "We have no new news at this time." But perhaps that might have been better than saying nothing at all. Moving forward the game plan is to try to work on more frequent updates even if it is bad news.

We understand a delay is never what anyone wants to hear but we ask that you weather the storm with us just a bit longer. We also know a rushed game is a bad game and we feel everyone deserves our very best.

In closing, we know you feel like we have just ignored you and in part the hiring of a community manager was to fix that issue. This move we hope lets you all see we take your concerns serious and we will be trying to tackle any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

We hope you can understand this and please remain patient.


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