A fan is translating an Iwata Asks feature that never saw release outside of Japan

Iwata lives on

Many, many Nintendo fans dearly miss Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's former president. We recently hit the 4th anniversary of Iwata's untimely passing, which lead to fans reminiscing about all the wonderful things Iwata did. Now those fans have a new way to celebrate Iwata's work and life.

Iwata was well-known for all sorts of projects and features, but his Iwata Asks interviews were really something special. These interviews with game developers not only gave us more insight into a game's creation, but also Nintendo's philosophy and Iwata's way of thinking. While many of these Iwata Asks features were translated, one never saw release outside of Japan...until now.

A fan has taken to translating the original Iwata Asks feature for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, which had Iwata sit down with executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu to discuss the Wii title. If you'd like to take a virtual leap back in time to read up on this game's creation, and also get a bit more Iwata in your life, you can read the first translated installment of this Iwata Asks here.


The Iwata Asks series has some great reads. Insights into the development processes, but also the personal experiences of the creators that shape these games. I really recommend taking a look at the Splatoon instalment: http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/wiiu/splatoon/0/0

I want to read the Iwata ask series but it really is difficult to read them knowing that he is gone.....😔

I know. However, think of it as keeping his memory alive, if that makes you feel any better.

Fri Jul 12 19 07:00am
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Iwata will always live in our hearts. Wonder why Nintendo and Dark Horse won't release all Iwata Asks in a book series.

I feel like profiting off that would be a bit off.

Perhaps, but at the same time would preserve in print form awesome interviews that are interesting both to fans and game developers. Someday, Nintendo is going to take these sites offline, remember that.

Anyone can save offline copies of the pages


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