Nihon Falcom says they don't have many Switch games due to lack of technical know-how, and a belief their audience is on Playstation

It's time to change that!

When it comes to Nihon Falcom games, you won't find too much on Switch. Everyone else is putting their games on the platform, so why is Nihon Falcom holding out? USGamer asked Nihon Falcom's Toshihiro Kondo that very question, and you can find his answer below.

Switch is an incredible platform we like, but the truth is that we don't have the knowhow to really develop for Switch. Plus we're, fairly convinced that our main user base is actually located on the PlayStation platform. That said, you know, thanks to working with Nippon Ichi Software in Japan and then NIS America over here, we were able to bring one of our games to Switch and obviously we want to grow the brands as much as we can and put it out as much as we can. So in the future, if we have the opportunity to have our games ported by other other companies to Nintendo Switch, it's something we would definitely be happy to pursue.

And as a gamer myself, as an aside, I personally love the Switch. In Japan when this question comes up, it always, we get this weird thing where it's like "Falcom doesn't want to work on Switch," or "Falcom doesn't like Switch," or something. And that's not... The plain and simple truth of it all is that we just don't have the knowhow and the ability to be able to work on Switch games right now.

I would certainly agree with the president's statement about their audience being on the Playstation side of thing. Nihon Falcom hasn't really done all that much with Nintendo platforms in recent years, and have instead focused on Playstation platforms. If there was ever a chance to change that, now's the time!

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I hope they understand most of their followers play portable devices.

Sounds pretty similar to the case with Lab Zero. I was at their AX 2019 panel, and they admitted they didn't know as much about developing for the Switch as they thought.

Their audience is on PlayStation because they have only released on PlayStation products. I wonder if the PS Vita crowd might become the Switch crowd -- and thus be a future market for their games.

Mon Jul 15 19 08:42pm
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The size of Falcom is so small that it makes 100% perfect sense to stick with PS4. if their audience is mostly on PS4, then they'll stick to it. They don't have much developers to use or throw around so they usually focus on one or two projects at a time and license stuff out to other people like with Ys 8 Switch. Until their PS4 stuff drops off like a cliff and Switch stuff in general skyrockets it's safer for them to stick to developing PS4 games and having interested companies license out IPs for their own ports

But the thing is they complain about having no market when they refuse to build one themselves. Of course when you stick with one platform all the time, that's the only market you have.

Something tells me though if they were forced to drop Sony, they'd go to mobile devices instead of Nintendo. <.<

Nah, they'd go to PCs since that's what worked best for them before. And that's 100% fine for the kind of company they are. Their games are consistently godlike and I think that comes from everyone focusing on one title at a time.

Except XSEED handled the PC/Steam releases (except for VIII). Falcom didn't do a thing for that outside developing the original PS versions.

Falcom didn't start focusing on PlayStation until around 2008 or so. Until then they were a PC game company first and foremost. XSEED did do a great job enhancing the original PC releases by adding things like 16:9 support and HD fonts, though.

Tue Jul 16 19 07:40pm
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It's not that they refuse to build one themselves, but that they don't know how, and the company is too small to take risks like porting to other platforms themselves or making games for other platforms.

They're sticking to what they know. This is pretty common among small developers. It's quite similar to how certain indie companies specialize in one genre (like Orenda making only point-and-click games, LittleWing making only virtual pinball, or WayForward rarely making anything other than 2-D platformers) or of similar art styles (everything Team Reptile makes looks and moves similar to each other, and same goes for Lab Zero and thatgamecompany).

You can see the flip side with Grasshopper Manufacture. For a long time, they made games only for Nintendo systems. Then, Sony offered them a lot of money to port the No More Heroes games to the PS3, which, though not a great seller, sold well enough for Grasshopper to start making games for non-Nintendo systems.

For Falcom to develop more for Nintendo systems, they'll need some incentive to make them, or at least a safety net in case it doesn't work out. They're not like Naughty Dog or Phil Fish, developers who took sides in the Console Wars and would sooner quit the game industry than be forced to make games for platforms they don't like (as Mr. Fish did).

There are indie developers that didn't limit themselves and managed to find success while being even smaller than Falcom's entire staff. When you intentionally limit yourself to a niche, then you will not be able to grow and find success.

Instead of waiting for Nintendo to call, they should contact Nintendo and request support in Switch development. If they don't want to take a hit, then Falcom should explore the indie angle. At best they can release something for the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch which would reduce risk (but not eliminate it completely) since I agree that they are too small for retail by themselves without backup.

I love ys 8 on switch even with all the technical issues, I wish ys 9 will come to switch someday. Their user base was on psvita, I'm sure it sell better on switch if they put the effort.
I have a ps4 but I will not buy their game on it because it's long game and I wanna play portable, I have a 2 year old and I can't play long hours on ps4 but on switch I can play in bed after he's asleep.

I don't even know if falcom wants to even release their games on Nintendo consoles.

Their games often have outdated graphics and it's not like you can't get most of them anyways since many of them are region locked.

Actually most of the Ys games are available in America now. Europe I don't know though.

Only some Ys spin-offs didn't get a localization.


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