Detective Pikachu plush gets shipped out as a vacuum-sealed nightmare

Are you okay, Detective?

If you order a Detective Pikachu plush, I think it's safe to say you'd expect to get it in a box or a bag. Technically this Detective Pikachu plush did come in a bag, but it was vacuum-sealed. I'd say that's a great way to keep the item safe, but a horrifying way to see Detective Pikachu!

As you can see, the good Detective has been set free from his prison and is getting back into fighting shape. He certainly looks better, but still a bit wrinkled from the trauma.

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As a plush collector, yeah, they should never be shipped in vacuum-sealed bags.

I've seen them at places like Target and Walmart, and they look just fine, probably because the shippers were smart enough not to do this to these plushes.

Wow, that's pretty terrifying! Doesn't seem like it was a great choice with it still being in a weird shape after the 15 minutes, plushies wouldn't have enough uhh... outward tension? to inflate themselves.

I love the term "outward tension"! I guess it depends on what kind of stuffing and how much of it is inside. And that all depends on how firm you want the plushie to be. Some plushies are really soft and 'airy', like those for literal infants. But I'd say a plushie like Detective Pikachu could do with being a little firmer, yeah

I like to think a pikachu would be kinda rubbery, so with my weird headcanon it should be pretty firm.


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