No one knows whether the physical version of Spyro Reignited Trilogy requires a download or not

This shouldn't be so complicated

This whole situation has become a mess, and the confusion has only grown since the initial reveal.

Will the physical version of Spyro Reignited Trilogy require a download? It all depends on what retailer you look at. Some online stores feature cover art that state a download is required. Others have a version of the cover that doesn't make mention of a download. The situation is different depending on what region of the world you're looking at as well. Some retailers make it seem like the North American version will require a download, but the European version will not.

The only thing we know for a fact is what we posted earlier today. Nintendo.com has Spyro Reignited Trilogy listed as taking up 6.3 GB. It would be pretty crazy for all three games to fit into that file size, considering how the PS4 version took up nearly 70 GB when all was said and done. Will there be a supplemental download for the eShop version outside of the 6.3 GB mentioned? Hopefully we find out all these details before Sept. 2nd, 2019, which is when the game launches.

Thanks to operationgamer17 for the heads up!


'oh...Switch owners wanted the REMASTERED version and not the originals. Oh well.'

Either way is reignited.

*rolls eyes*

Woosh over your head

Mon Jul 29 19 05:48pm
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Well.. If you remove 4K texture and video... Maybe you can compress all to that size... Mario Odyssey is 5.7Gb

If past experience is any indication, I think we know what's coming down the line. Oh well...

Do developers outside of Nintendo no longer know how to compress?

this lack of information and sincerity will hurt the game sales.

It's obvious that this game will require a download, as if Activision won't be disgusting cheapskates. I've already written this game off.


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