Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – "Hero" presentation full coverage and summary

- When referring to each Hero, each one has a different name:

  •  - The Hero from Dragon Quest XI is named "Eleven"
  •  - The Hero from Dragon Quest III is named "Arusu"
  •  - The Hero from Dragon Quest IV is named "Solo"
  •  - The Hero from Dragon Quest VIII is named "Eight"

- Their altnernate costumes are based on other characters from the Dragon Quest series.

- This is the first time that the heroes from the Dragon Quest series are able to fight one another.

- Each Hero has a different voice actor:

  •  - Eleven is voiced by Mistuki Saiga
  •  - Arusu is voiced by Nobuyuki Hayama
  •  - Solo is voiced by Takeshi Kusao
  •  - Eight is voiced by Yuki Kaji

- This marks the first time that characters from Dragon Quest III, IV, and VIII have voices.

- The Hero can perform Critical Hits (attacks that deal more damage than usual) at random.

- The Hero's shield can be used to block projectiles when fighting. 

- The Hero's neutral special is the "Frizz Family" of spells: Frizz, Frizzle, and Kafrizz.

- Even if his moves are completely charged up, the Hero can't perform any moves if he is low on MP.

- The Hero's side special uses "Zap-type spells": Zap, Zapple, and Kazap.

- The Hero's up special uses the "Woosh-type spells": Woosh, Swoosh, and Kaswoosh.

- The Hero's down special is "Command Selection": 

  •  - "Oomph" raises the Hero's attack power altogether for a limited time.
  •  - "Psyche Up" raises the Hero's attack power until the Hero lands his next attack.
  •  - "Bounce" creates a shield that will reflect an opponent's projectiles.
  •  - "Heal" allows for the Hero's percentage to be reduced.
  •  - "Kacrackle Slash" is a move that can freeze opponents.
  •  - "Acceratle" will increase the Hero's speed.
  •  - "Kaboom" sets off an explosion.
  •  - "Snooze" puts opponents to sleep.
  •  - "Thwack" can potentially one-hit KO an opponent, but it only works if the opponent's damage is high.
  •  - "Zoom" can be used to recover from anywhere (but you may hit a ceiling).
  •  - "Kaclang" will allow the Hero to stay in place and become briefly invincible.
  •  - "Metal Slash" is a one-hit KO move that instantly defeats any metal opponent, including those using "Kaclang."
  •  - "Hocus Pocus" is a spell that performs a random effect.
  • - "Magic Burst" is an attack that uses all of the Hero's MP to create an explosion. The more MP the Hero has, the more damage it will do.
  • - "Kamikaze" will set off a giant explosion, but the Hero will be defeated in the process.

- Pressing "R" closes the Command window, and opening the window again will produce a different of spells. 

- The Hero's Final Smash is called "Gigaslash."

- The new Dragon Quest stage is called "Yggdrasil's Altar"

- Yggdrasil's Altar is based on a location in Dragon Quest XI S.

- The stage contains treasure chests; they can contain items and traps. 

- If the treasure chest is a trap, a player can fight it. If the player wins, then the player receives an item.

- Yggdrasil's Altar contains music from various Dragon Quest games. 

- Dragon Quest spirits will be added to the Smash's Spirit Board.

- The Hero's Classic Mode campaign is called "Hero Route."

- The Hero is available today, July 30th 2019.

- New Veronica, Erdrick, Martial Artist, and Slime Mii Outfits will be available.

- The Version 4.0 update for Smash will add the following changes:

  •  - There is now a time limit on the game's Final Smash Meter.
  •  - "Very Easy" will be added as a difficulty to the game's adventure mode.
  •  - "Points" can now be used to bet in the game's Spectate Mode. Any points earned can be redeemed for Spirits.
  •  - Online Tourney Mode will be added to the game.
  •  - Special Event Tourneys will be held from time to time.
  •  - Screenshots can now be added in the game's video editor feature.

 - Sakurai wants to remind players that the amiibo for Pokemon Trainer, Isabelle, and Pichu are now available.


I like the time limit for the Smash meter addition. The other day me and my friend were just in a standoff with our final smashes. This would force us to charge in and use it.

*Hero release date announced*
I Sleep

*Gambling returns to Smash*

Hero seems like a pretty complex fighter compared to the others. But also a mix of Shulk, Ike and some Cloud? But damn they put in a lot of effort here! Love this game.

The stage looks OK, but nothing more...

But 3 males now from the DLC content, so I am guessing they will throw in some females soon. Pearl did win 3-0 vs MArina, so.... haha. Nah, I still woudn't be surprised to see a port of Nier A and B2 in Smash. Nothing surprises me anymore anyway.

Oh wel... Downloading time!

You've got a good point. Aside from Kazooie (*Gu huh*) there hasn't been female DLC fighters.

I do wonder besides Chun Li and Lara Croft if I'm forgetting any female legacy characters from gaming. Since so far the DLC have some sort of legacy, (even Persona if we count it was branched from SMT).

I wouldn't mind Chun Li. Those thighs are tattood in my brain since my early teens hehe. But she IS a big part of Nintendo's history.

I have said this before, but I would love to have Terra in the game. Her final Smash as an Esper would be superb. And just imagine the music tracks...And damn...What stage could it be? Narshe might be a bit cold.... Hummzz...

I still would not be surprised to see 2B with a late Nier:A port. Nothing surprises me anymore, really. And imagine all them silly Bayonetta vs B2 vs ZSS vs Peach images woud be like? OK... I'll leav that thought now hehe

I really can't imagine Lara Croft, though. She has had sooo little to do on Nintendo systems, but then again there's Cloud...

Oh, well... We'll see =)

At this point anyone can have chances to be in Smash. I also forgot Shantae had people trying to fit that trailer to her being one of the DLC characters. I suppose she could be plausible, not only by being a female character, but also fitting more to Smash since it's also a mascot character, has a legacy from the GBC to now, and could more or less count as an indie character. Also the moveset is different from the RPG heroes we've been getting.

Ah, yes. Shantae would be fitting indeed. And it would be nice with an indie character in the game also. Still hoping for Terra, even though I know I am dreaming. But when it comes to indies I wouldn't mind Travis, but the chances aren't great there either.

One thing that would be INSANE fun is if it were the Giana Sisters as it basically was a Mario Bros. rip-off back in the day =D

But hey! What about Birdo?

I would LOVE to have Terra in the game... more than Cloud, even.

I think Terra would be PERFECT. As we all know, FF6 was a Nintendo exclusive back in the day, so the legacy part is there. I mentioned again her final smash as an Esper. Think I would get goosebumps from another dimension ;) And the grand music from the game. The only thing that's grinding my mind is what stage could she have? She was introduced in Narshe and I guess Sakurai and co could make a great stage out of it... Oh well... I'm dreaming here anyway.

I knew Eight's name, and was certain I read while ago the current Hero's name was Eleven, but couldnt find that source, and most said that was never confirmed..

I like that Erdrick is going to be played by the guy who voices OOT Link

Arusu? Is that how "arse" is pronounced in Japan?

Yggdrasil's Alter looks really neat, and I think I'd enjoy the gimmicks. Too bad 90% of the time I'm at Quickplay, people are goig to have it as either Omega, Battlefield, or with the hazards turned off...


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