Arc System Works says all streams/uploads of Kill la Kill the Game: IF's story mode are "prohibited indefinitely"

I bet I know what happens next...

One sure-fire way to get the internet collective to do something you don't want it to do is to strongly tell them not to do it. That's the approach that Arc System Works is taking with Kill la Kill the Game: IF's story mode. Arc says that uploads and streams of the game's story mode are "prohibited indefinitely." It seems like Arc doesn't want the game's story being ruined, as it will not only spoil things, but also deter potential customers from a purchase. Why bother buying a game for the story when you can just watch it all online for free?

The real question here is...just how on earth does Arc plan on stopping people from doing this? Between all the ways/places people can upload/stream footage, this seems like a near-impossible task.


Maybe this is all a clever ploy to get people to play a mediocre looking game about a dead anime from 5 years ago.

Nice try. You're not going to trick me into watching a Kill la Kill videogame movie with reverse psychology!

I can't remember what company it was, Square Enix or maybe Nintendo but they CAN work withh popular platforms like Youtube and Twitch to close peoples' channels, either temporarily or permanently, to deter people from even trying. There's a precedent of this, i can't remember what company or what game it was off the top of my head.

Thu Aug 01 19 11:01am
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Nintendo doesn't issue copyright strikes unless its for:
1) Piracy and homebrew
2) Leaks
3) Adult content*

*The Pokemon Company had a push to copyright strike Pokemon adult artists on Patreon recently.

Outside of Nintendo and Content ID, the only other negative push on copyright grounds I know of was SEGA taking down tons of Shining Force videos to promote a newer Shining game. Many YouTubers still will not touch SEGA games today as a result.

There was also the case of Atlus sending copyright strikers for streaming of persona 5


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