To All Mankind gets an update

But what does it do?!

To All Mankind has gotten an update in Japan. Usually we have some kind of information on what the update is, or what kind of tweaks it makes, but that's not the case here. We literally have no information on what the update includes! If anything comes out about this update, we'll be sure to add those notes to this post.

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Tue Aug 06 19 08:11pm
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I don't know if the original story was updated, but the link does say that now the map shows which way you are facing and highlights where your next objective is. Those are the only two changes according to the original Famitsu article.

An update with no notes on what it does, not even "A more pleasant gameplay experience"? Kind of reminds me of people in Japan saying they're sick without going into any more detail. Among the Weekly Shonen Jump manga, we've had "I got sick" range from playing Dragon Quest too much (Yoshihiro Togashi taking a break from Hunter X Hunter) to a form of juvenile arthritis that made drawing too painful for the author (Daisuke Ashihara putting World Trigger on indefinite hiatus).


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