Ducktales Remastered being removed from the Wii U eShop on Aug. 9th, 2019

Ach me doodie!

Heads up, everyone; DuckTales: Remastered is leaving digital storefronts in a duck-blur, and will no longer be available for purchase beginning August 8th, 2019. If you’ve already purchased it in the past or if you buy it before the dates and times below, you’ll still be able to access and play the game.

Pogo jump your way into Scrooge’s Money Bin while you can! DuckTales: Remastered is getting a farewell price drop for 75% off on most platforms before it gets removed for purchase.

The game will be digitally available on the following platforms until:

Wii U – August 9, 4:59 PM PDT
PlayStation 3 – August 9, 8AM PDT
Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility) – August 8, 5 PM PDT
Steam (PC) – 4:59 PM PDT

Disc-based versions of the game will install and play normally, and if you’ve already bought the game digitally, you’ll still be able to re-download it even after it’s removed, too. The times above are approximate, so please don’t wait until the last minute if you want to purchase the game digitally while it’s still available. So, get out there and solve a mystery, or re-write history!

Just like Capcom says, you better hop on your Wii U now and grab the game while you still can. Don't miss your last chance to snag this great remake!

Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!


Tue Aug 06 19 02:25pm
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The downside of digital sales strikes again. Good thing It had a pretty widely released physical version.

So Disney, really think that Capcom is not good enough for you to license your IP to them instead of EA?

Download soon from Disney+.


More likely, it's because of the new DuckTales series leading to Disney not renewing the license. (Warner Bros. has similar restrictions regarding the many, many versions of Batman, for instance.)

By the way, when is Disney Afternoon Collection coming to Switch?

And on my birthday of all days. The level of disrespect, far too much.

Happy Birthday! Make this your present fast while it’s still on Steam.

Thanks! But thankfully I already have it on PS3. I do wonder if it would be better on Wii U though. May need to double dip.

Yay, happy B-day when it arrives! =)

I got it on Wii U since I kinda think that's where it's home. Oh and the GamePad. Silly it didn't get a Switch release, bu last gen is last gen (whatever a gen is these days).

Kinda want to get the original on NES, but a bit scared to see prises...


You could always get The Disney Afternoon Collection on PS4/X1/PC, that has the original DuckTales and others. As far as the NES version, it's about $20 or $30 on eBay... unless you want it new, in which case I hope you have $7,000.

Haha. I'll take it uswd. I play these games after all (11 consoles around my TV now.). Also I play LP diacs and LD discs. They are all to be used. It would be a shame to NOT play Kid Icarus, Listen to Mototrhead's Ace of spades on LP or watch the Fifth Element on LD... And witg my my Phillips "commander" radio/amp all these will sound even better... But I'm a nerd Smile

May I ask how old/young you will be BTW? Juat curious since we have had some good debatea so far.

You're a man after my own heart, I've currently got six hooked up (ten if you count physical backwards compatibility). Have you ever seen that episode of Regular Show where they try to find a laserdisc player? I think you'd like it.

I'll be 27 on Friday. Not sure if that explains things for better or worse. And yourself?

I have no idea what Regular Show is, so an easy no. But my LD movies are to be watched, not just having. Might dig out a movie later on... Japanese version of Brazil soinds nice....

Hehe. Got some retro stuff? My Dreamcast and NES are something, but my Super Famicom is so nerdy hehe. But I can play European games on it also. Was my birrhday present from me rhis year (39 to answer your question)

Anywy, back to the point. I would love to get DuckTales again. The nostalgia alone would be awesome. I might have to hunt it down. Also Batman from Sunsoft for NES. Never got to beat the Joker, so I have an agenda. And a grudge.

Good thing the remake got physical copies though. Can't stand this online era, really. Just leave the game on the shop... Oh well, not for mw to decide... I have been thinking to warm up my Wii U anyway for Star Fox Zero and TW101, so might hang with the ducks for a bit also... But time...

Cheers, Mocky!

Ah, well it's a cartoon series that used to be on Cartoon Network that was very into meta humor. In the episode I'm thinking of (which you can watch here, if you're interested), the reason Laserdisc players died out was because there was a literal war between formats, and the main characters are roped into a final battle. But I understand keeping it around; I know Madonna's Blond Ambition tour was never released on anything other than LD, and apparently the LD edition of Alice in Wonderland has a lot of excellent bonus features that never reappeared in a later release.

I don't collect much retro stuff, but that has more to do with my OCD about germs; I never buy anything used, which is kind of a prerequisite when dealing with anything older. Hopefully you can beat the Joker someday, though. And happy belated birthday!

You're right, digital distribution is terrible. All of the games that are just lost because of stupid things like licenses expiring or publishers going out of business is really obscene. And then you think about things like the Wii Shop Channel just ceasing to exist... technology was a mistake. Good luck finding time!

Not a fan of the show now either but I got a good laugh, so thanks a bunch! So many puns and the entire "VHS vs LD" war... Brings me back =)

You have a fear of germs? The hobby biologist in me says that's a bad thing. But then we would go waaaayyy off-topic, so ...

Oh well... I'll have an LD night. At least I can keep them discs ;)

I have it already, but then I'm relying on my Wii U to never break down, otherwise it's gone forever. You know, digital ownership sucks in so many ways. I must have at least 50 digital purchases from the Wii U eShop.

I mean discs, catridges, and other stuff can get lost or hard to get sooner or later. If you mean no being able to redownload, then I agree, that's a downside of going digital.

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