RUMOR - Nintendo working on further Switch revisions beyond Switch Lite

More than just Switch Lite coming?

Switch Lite comes out Sept. 20th, 2019, but is Nintendo already working on another round of hardware revisiions? The Wall Street Journal says they are, and they're getting info from supposed sources inside the company.

According to WSJ, Nintendo is working on more Switch revisions that could be higher-end models, which ties in nicely with Sharp VP Katsuaki Nomura stating that it will supply its IGZO display panels to a videogame client, although he did not name the company.

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Nintendo is working on new hardware... in other breaking news, water is wet XD

Funny video. I appreciated it. But I'll say that in water being the source of wetness it can be considered wet. Maybe not in that gentleman's dictionary, but in another one, maybe even another language ;)

Nintendo is always working on new hardware, but they are not always working on revisions to their existing hardware

I believe if you look at Nintendo hardware release schedule since the Famicom you will see small gaps of years, which can easily be filled with the development of future hardware. But you may say there is still time not accounted for, which can be filled with things that took extremely long periods of time to be ready, such as the GameBoy Advance. Fastforward to the present when Nintendo consolidated everything on the Switch (RIP 3DS) and they have just recovered from the Wii U situation, so I doubt for a second that they will stop and say "You know what, the Switch lite is ready and PS5 and Scarlett only launch in Holiday 2020. Let's take a few months off and travel to Tahiti"

To be honest I'm not sure how that relates to my comment!


Feel free to use any accent you'd like to read it. I personally prefer the classic caveman ;D

I agree, but that isn't to be assumed. They very well could have released more incremental revisions like a Switch XL next, but it sounds like they are working on something to increase the power of the system.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are working on a couple of things we will eventually see release as well as things that we won't, at least not in their current form. Such as their work on 3D tech on the GameCube that was revised for the 3DS.

which ties in nicely with Sharp VP Katsuaki Nomura stating that it will supply its IGZO display panels to a videogame client

What? I didn't see this...

Next hardware, switch tv where it can only be in dock mode.

IGZO? I'll have to look into that.

I hope they're working on a souped up Switch. The Switch as it is barely more powerful than a Wii U and I bought that 7 years ago. It was considered weak hardware back then. The games don't look better, just an increase in framerate and/or resolution. It's impressive for a handheld but very underwhelming for a home console. Also, I want them to make drastically improved Joy-Cons.

Framerate and resolution are both things that make games look better.

I'm really curious what else they could do with the hardware. They already went Lite. So next would be Switch XL or Switch Pro?


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