Pokemon 2019 World Championships' Pokemon GO Grand Finals plagued with issues

Pokemon GO fix this

The Pokemon 2019 World Championships are the place where the biggest/best Pokemon players around the world come together to battle it out. That included Pokemon GO players this time around, but unfortunately, the Grand Finals for Pokemon GO ended up being hit with multiple technical issues. There were numerous stops/restarts during the match, but eventually things got worked out. Hopefully whatever caused the issues this time around gets ironed out for future battles.

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Multiplayer in mobile gaming is a very hard thing to do, since there are so many different mobile devices, which were never designed to be compatible with each other for multiplayer.

I mean, the guys for Skullgirls Mobile are going through a LOT of testing right now to make something cohesive and that won't desynchronize and/or crash at every turn.

Yeah, I was in DC today and the convention center didn’t have the best connection over Verizon (though, I’d guess they’d be playing over the WiFi). Probably didn’t help that there were hundreds and hundreds of phones pinging the cell towers there.

I actually wasn't even thinking of that, but now that you point that out, that's likely a real issue too. But if you think about it, you have to design something that will allow phones and tablets from competing manufacturers, each with their own way of doing things, to cooperate. That can't be easy, and I'll bet that's why it took Niantic so long to roll out head-to-head multiplayer.

For the record, the Skullgirls Mobile event had everyone use Lab Zero's devices, which were all the same brand and model. Even then, they had to remove about one-third of the roster by the end because the game was desyncing merely by having those characters there.


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