GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 732

The one where everything goes to Hell

Thanks to @KrazyKernal for the awesome artwork!

This is not our finest hour. So many technical issues cropped up today. All I can say is that the issues sucked the life out of me at the start, and just brought me down overall. I will work VERY hard to set things right for next week's show. I am truly sorry.

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Hey man, I’m really sorry things just broke today. Hopefully my pointing it out didn’t bother you too much, I just know you prefer to know if things are wrong. I didn’t get to stay for the full podcast, but I appreciate that you still put in the time and energy to make the show happen despite the bs.

Love you and the crew, man. Enjoy your Sunday and fingers crossed for a better Pod next time.

No worries, my friend. You didn't bother me one bit. I need to hear that stuff. Today was just the perfect storm of technical mishaps, but I can assure you that you didn't bug me even one iota. Just been a lot of stuff going on that culminated with the hassle of today's show.

I hear ya, man! It was still a great show, despite the mishaps. The weekend wouldn't be the same without the GoNintendo Pod, and hopefully next show goes much much smoother. Hope you have a good week, man!

Sun Aug 25 19 05:29am
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You are always way too hard on yourself.

I've heard that from people before. I just hate when I make trouble for you guys. It's even worse when I purposefully set aside time to make sure all's good, and then things crap out anyway.

Just a bad day overall, but here's to a better tomorrow.

The audio only version of this weeks podcast was perfect for me. Last week I could barely hear the soundboard and the music section was very very low.

This week I can actually hear the soundboard.

It's always interesting to look at the artwork and wonder what was going on in the podcast. I'm just finishing off last week’s episode and now I get it. Very funny. Though it's easy to know what this one is about.

I was just looking at those "Please stand by...technical difficulties" memes in the past couple of days. I was thinking of using it as an avatar elsewhere. That's a great variation of it.

RMC, it's not a big deal but whenever clips from the soundboard are played, I can barely hear them, which is strange as I think you said they're directly fed. Has anyone else got this issue when listening to it as a download?

I had that problem with the last episode too, it was fine with this one.

Yes the past few weeks the soundboard was very quiet, but this one was good.

I'll be listening to the latest podcast later today, I'll see if there's an improvement. It could just have been teething issues with the new equipment that's now been resolved.


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