Fire Emblem: Three Houses has sold 68k copies digitally in Japan

A third of all sales in Japan

Japan isn't all that big on digital game purchases, but things seem to be going quite well for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Famitsu has shared the tally for total digital sales for the game in Japan, and so far it has been downloaded 68,377 times. Once you combine that with the 143,130 physical copies sold, you see that one third of the game's total amount sold is digital. Now that's a pretty impressive figure!


Are these the updated numbers one month after launch? Does that even pass Awakening's first week sales?

Those are the first week sales, at this moment 3H sold just a bit over 200K physical copies, which is weird considering how it's breaking sales record everywhere yet in Japan it barely outsold Shadows of Valentia

Fire emblem can't and won't sell beyond 200k in Japan because its under a niche genre.

Even Nintendo themselves have no idea how Fire Emblem is popular in the western market.

Fire emblem can't and won't sell beyond 200k in Japan because its under a niche genre.

I would agree to what you said if it weren't for the fact that FE 1/2/3/4/6/13/14 sold quite a bit over 200k (especially FE3 which sold about 776k copies)

Well....let's not count the Shouzu Kaga games and Fates as Fates were three games combined.

It went to the peak as soon as 6 was around. Only reason 7 did well was because it was in the western market.

So your ignoring a third of the series so that your point would make sense? Sureeee. Anyway while it is true that after FE6 the sales lowered in japan Awakening saw a huge boost in sales compared to some of the previous games and it doesn't matter that Fates was 3 games, since even if it was 1 or 2 games it still would have sold well given the hype around it from both the western and japanese market. And it's not like the SRPG genre is niche only in Japan, it's also niche in the west as well with them mostly thriving on PC so the fact that FE games sell well in the west shows that being in a niche genre doesn't equal low sales.

It does if it means spending a lot of buck with powerful graphics and all and getting less profit on it.

Heck it makes the devs at Fire Emblem better than Pokemon because even Pokemon with weak graphics is selling higher than Fire Emblem which has lower sales.

I rest my case though. Its just so odd that this IP is something Nintendo finds it major and yet, it fails in comparison to Metroid even...

We'll have to wait until Nintendo's Investors briefing to know how well Three Houses did as a whole, so far apart from Japan it did great, so let's hope that means the series will continue to thrive.

I only hope that it does not get the Metroid bandwagon where if one game bombs hard, Nintendo won't make the next one untill like after 8 years or so.

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NintendoSoup (which is typically not well-researched) is quoting Famitsu's digital estimates as factual digital numbers. Famitsu gets these digital estimates by sending out surveys to small numbers of people and extrapolating. Folks have generally found they generally have been VERY off before (once you start comparing to Nintendo's actual shipment numbers). Sometimes the actual numbers are over double the estimates or in other cases they were less than half of the estimates and thus aren't really a worthwhile number to consider.

We'll have a better idea for digital numbers once Nintendo announces their quarterly results and we see the JP shipment numbers. Since we can approximately calculate the amount of copies sent to retail using tracker retail numbers + %s, we can get a more accurate digital estimate.


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