Get another look at Good Smile's KOS-MOS Re: figurine

It figures

Good Smile's KOS-MOS Re: figurine is coming along quite nicely! We have seen plenty of prototype pics, but now we have the fully painted version to check out. The figurine is now available for preorder, and is set to ship sometime in May 2020. Check out more pics here.


She has to be one of the last few characters for smash

I really hope so. Man I would be so happy if she became playable.

It's probably nothing, but I heard someone claim a "female character not in high demand that will disappoint many" is being revealed September 12... KOS-MOS might fit that description considering how long it has been since the last Xenosaga...

On a side note (and this is just me speculating) what if all of Monolith's recent recruiting was for a Xenosaga remake for Switch?

"female character not in high demand that will disappoint many"

Sash Lilac. The "many" refers to Sonic fans.

(This is not a serious guess, for the record.)

Preordered the figure earlier this morning. I missed the Pyra & Myhra figure.
No wat in hell I'm missing out on one of my favorite characters.

already got mythra so no need for kos-mos.

My brain's still trying to twist itself into a pretzel around KOS-MOS being a "Nintendo" character now.

Xenoblade 2 was a trip. (@_@)

With namco now workin on smash with nintendo why not have kos mos.


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