Time for the yearly rumor of Call of Duty coming to Switch

Will this be another false alarm?

Every year, it seems some sort of rumor pops up about Call of Duty coming to Switch. There were two credible rumors in a row, and both turned out to be fake. Now we have the rumor for the third year, and again, there's certainly enough here to get fans' hope up.

Once again, the rumor ties into linking your Nintendo Account to a Call of Duty account. This is something you've been able to do since the Wii U days, as there was actually a CoD game on Wii U. What's the difference now? Well now you can link a Switch account, rather than a Wii U account.

Why on Earth would you be able to link a Switch account if there's no Call of Duty on Switch? Why bother to make the change at all unless there's something going on? I'm sure this'll all amount to nothing, but it's worth pondering!


The rumors better be true this time! I’m getting tired of Activision refusing to support Nintendo when the Nintendo Switch is currently the huge hit the Wii U wasn’t.

Fri Aug 30 19 07:21pm
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I don't expect anything. The excuse this time would be "Switch isn't powerful enough." Yeah neither was the Wii and they put several games on it. Black Ops 1 on Wii ended up selling over a million copies despite being outclassed by the HD versions.

Even if I get proven wrong later with a CoD Switch release, they'll probably won't give us the DLC the other platforms get. So I wouldn't expect a possible CoD Switch game to have the same support the main platforms get. Probably six months of patches at most and then they'll abandon it to focus on PS4, Xbox One, and PC only going forward.

At most it's the Remastered of Modern Warfare that has been out for years now.

Im surprised they haven't announced a version of COD: Mobile for Switch yet? Seems like it would be an easy port to make that could run well on Switch (obviously) seems like easy money to me.

Sat Aug 31 19 06:44pm
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Except MTXs killed Black Ops 4 and CoD: Mobile is full of pay-to-win MTXs (Advance Warfare styled MTXs). Those kind of games need to stay far, far away.


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