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One Zero Three's Switch version officially under development

The Switch port officially in the works
by rawmeatcowboy
02 September 2019
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A year back, we posted about One Zero Three, a game hoping to release on Switch via Kickstarter. The Switch release was a stretch goal, which was hit just days before the campaign ended. Now here we are a year later, and the dev team has confirmed that work on the Switch version is underway. Check out their entire statement below, as well as a recap on what the game's all about.

We're super happy to announce that the development of 103 for the Nintendo Switch has officially begun! For our backers that have it in their rewards we will be sending you your copies of the game when its published! A big thank you to all that got us to the stretch goal that allowed us to be able to complete it.

Lily has never been quite like other people. Since she was a child, her wild imagination and strong memory have given her the talent to create her own home. A place in her mind away from the dangers of the world, to keep her dreams and memories safe.

But during a night out with her friends, something happened. Something terrible and now her life has changed forever. Help Lily use her imagination to unlock her memories and relive the events of that night.

Discover what happened and what is 103, a first-person mystery adventure video game developed by Dystopia Interactive.

Play through 103 simply by looking at objects to piece the story together. The more that you observe the environment, the more you understand. Primary instructions and simple riddles are given through two picture frames which direct you to progress.
103 focuses on having a smaller, detailed environment that you can explore. Read messages, solve puzzles, view pictures and objects as well as experience events and encounter characters that all help you understand what happened.

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