GoNintendo Video - I want to like Risk of Rain 2, but one thing bothers me...

Risky business

I've been giving Risk or Rain 2 on Switch a shot, following its shadow drop last week. There's a lot to like here, and I can see why people loved the Early Access version so much. That said, there's one thing that keeps me from really enjoying myself.

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Mon Sep 02 19 10:20pm
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... I don't know how to feel.. That's as far as I could make it into this video... did someone take your beard and turn your voice effeminate? Stop with the videos and give us written pieces... How about a thought of the week instead of day or something worth my while...

...this comment, I'm not sure how to feel...there's a few ways I could take it but I'm not sure it's needed. Maybe something like not thinking out loud...or how about making a comment less frequently..

Did someone take your common courtesy and replace it with me....me....me? Get over yourself dude.

Mon Sep 02 19 11:20pm
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Uhhhhhhh is that not what discussion boards and forums intended uses are?!?!! Sorry I'm not in your walled garden of "friends" but this is how humans interact...

Tue Sep 03 19 12:26am
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It’s painful now for me to watch footage of these types of shooters when they LACK motion/gyro aiming. Sorry devs, that’s just not going to cut it on Switch. It’s mandatory. Get the hint.

I want to like it too, but it's about $15 too expensive for me to like it.


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