GoNintendo Video - 5 Super Nintendo games that should be on Switch (+1 selfish pick!)

Not a dud in the bunch

Super Nintendo games are finally available on the Switch. There are 20 titles to play right now, with more to come in the future. If I had it my way, I'd line up these 5 titles to be the next on the service. Plus, I throw in a selfish pick I know has no chance of happening!

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Lost Vikings is still one of my fav games fromthe SNES era... Damn would that be fun if they added it. Also FF6 eould b nice!

Hope they add Rygar and Batman on the NES app . Just had to add that, Oh amd Bubble Bobble.

But with these slow drips I am unsure what we'll get. I understand they add online stuff and all, so if they do that good the wait might be worth it.

Tue Sep 10 19 10:21pm
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Let's get more unrealistic and/or selfish, why not add both Lost Vikings games to Switch Online SNES? They're both great games that I love to this day lol

I would love Terranigma, I always wanted to play and if I'm not mistake it was never released on NTSC-U regions.

I mean obviously, they're not as popular as the Mana series, but I sort of hope the success of the Collection of Mana plus the fact that Square-Enix said thay wanted to put out more middleware and they see the Switch as a perfect machine for that, all of that gives me hope for more re-released titles and the three Enix action RPGs would be great candidates. Plus the fact that they're more obscure titles would probably make them a better fit for the Switch Online service rather than a seperate collection. Sould Blazer/Illusion of Time/Terranigma, man that would be so great.

Wed Sep 11 19 04:41am
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RMC, this list is phenomenal.
Unfortunately, I don't think anything from Konami and Square is ever going to happen. I think it's pretty clear they like to keep their old school titles to themselves to include them in collections and whatnot... or just sit on them and do nothing like they've been doing for so long now. It's too bad that big companies can't agree on this kind of things. Nintendo's service is great but will always be brought down by the lack of Megaman, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Castlevania and stuff like that. It feels like they should be there, even though I completely understand why they're not of course. Obviously these companies are not just going to give up on the potential cash they can make with collections and I understand that they probably would not be doing better money on Switch Online. Even worse, if Nintendo had those titles onboard for the service they would probably have to raise their prices which everyone would be very upset about. It would be great if at least Capcom/Konami/etc could agree on using IPs they have to admit they're never going to use otherwise anyway, and in that case we would have a chance to see Goemon and Chrono and other awesome stuff like that. Well, maybe not that much when it comes to Chrono as we've seen that title re-released several times and it's definitely "Collection" material. Plus the success of the Collection of Mana could definitely mean more is on the way. At least Capcom has been playing sort of fair and they've been doing this with the Ghost and Goblins IP, so there are examples of this. I just hope more companies decide to adopt this kind of approach with the service.

Anyway about your list, I would be so happy if all of these wonderful five titles somehow made it on the service as they're all dream picks really. Otherwise, oh well, I'll be playing the inevitable DKC and Mario RPG when they come out and be super happy about them. Also I'd say out of the whole list, Tetris Attack is very likely.


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