The Game Awards 2019 set for Dec. 12th, 2019

What will Nintendo have to show?

The Game Awards always have something to show Nintendo fans, and I'm sure 2019 is going to be no different. Host and creator Geoff Keighley has announced that this year's installment of the Game Awards is set to take place on Dec. 12th, 2019. We're used to seeing Reggie at the show each year, along with some special Nintendo announcements. Will Doug Bowser continue the tradition?

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Zelda, Bayonetta or Metroid.

I think TGA is a space they can show teasers for things to come.

Astral Chaon wins best Action game and GOTY and ee finally get to see footage from Bayonetta 3. Ann I'm happy as can be =]<

I agree with all this, but especially Bayonetta 3. Happy day 644 of the hiatus!

Thu Sep 12 19 04:24pm
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We're bound to see something soon... But then again I've said that way too many times now =D

Thu Sep 12 19 03:27pm
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I expect Keighly to just give every award to Death Stranding because he is in the game and also has a humongous crush on Hideo Kojima.

The CGI moie with some walking simulator elements so it can be sold as a game? Well, from what they have shown so far. Fascinating moie, though.

Legit curious, is there a cut off for when a game can be considered a GOTY nominee for The Game Awards? Because even if Death Stranding or Doom Eternal end up being my favorite games of 2019 I feel like releasing literal weeks before the Game Awards almost seems unfair.

I know last year everyone expected Red Dead Redemption 2 to win because it was the most recent huge AAA release (as Smash didn't come out until the day after), but people were legit surprised the award went to God of War instead (a game that released in spring).

I'm guessing what you're talking is a persistent issue in award shows, even with other mediums like movies and music. The more recent game is probably always fresher in the judges' minds, and I don't know how they address that kind of problem. I'm not aware of a cutoff date, but there probably is one... or if not, there SHOULD be.

The last fighter's pass reveal.

Best case IMO is either a Bayo 3 trailer or first footage of Prime 4.

Worst case IMO is just the 5th fighters pass character or another Wii U port announcement.

MP4 is just too young to be shown. MAYBE a teaser trailer. Bayonetta 3 has been in development for a pretty long time now, so that should be shown. Specially with AC out. But perhaps they want to let AC ride a bit more since it seems it's doing pretty darn good. But by the GA I think that dust has settled and Bayonetta 3can shine. This is part wishful hoping, but also a bit logical for the above reasons.

5th fighter is almost a given. And IF another Wii U port, what could/should that be?

On the last one: The Wonderful 101 by far. If the late life Tokyo Mirage Sessions is getting a new lease on life to find an audience, then the earlier life and equally criminally underrated W101 needs a re-release so it gets the recognition it deserves.

Oh I agree 101% that TW101 needs to get into more people's hands. At times I was laughing, other times I was swearing like I had rabies, but always had a great time with it. Don't think I'll double dip though. For me a big part of the gameplay is the gamepad and I still have my Wii U copy, but, with a good work around, I think it can be OK without it. Most important is that it gets into more people's hands =)

Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and Super Mario 3D World are the only good Wii U games left to port other than Xenoblade X but with a remake of the original coming I doubt that game will ever come to Switch.

Yoshis Wooly World COULD come but I doubt it because it already got ported on 3DS (but then again that didnt stop Xenoblade or Hyrule Warriors) and we just got Crafted World.

Also I guess you could also port the Zelda remasters but "meh" Switch has too much Zelda if you ask me.

I'll go out on a limb here and say they should reveal Pikmin 4. Perhaps port the trilogy or just P3 if to garner some interest, but it sure is fuckin' time to see what's happening with rhat game, just like Bayonetta 3.

I'm hoping for a trailer for Bayo 3 or BotW 2, but I'm expecting just another Smash fighter.


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