Scanning all Legend of Zelda amiibo into The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening to see the results

That's a lot of scanning!

Planning on using some amiibo in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening? Well if you want to know what the Legend of Zelda amiibo do, you needn't look any further than the above video. It features the scanning process for a bunch of Zelda amiibo, as well as details on what you get.


I know I'm not the biggest fan of amiibo, putting it mildly, but talk about half @$$ing their implementation in LA. BOTW used all the Zelda amiibo in some way and gave unique items, even the non Zelda amiibo received something. But here, there's 23 Zelda amiibo now, and all you get are 5 dungeon chambers. They're not tied to any specific Zelda amiibo. The 1st scan gets you the Great Fairy Chamber through to the Armos Knight Chamber on the 5th scan. That's it! Regular amiibo aren't supported at all.

I think the writing was on the wall with SMM2’s lack of inclusion of them - amiibo is dying...

Which sucks for me as someone who loves collecting amiibo. Not for the in-game functionality (cause its always been mediocre at best) but because I like having cool figurines of all these Nintendo characters on display.

Not only has the amount of figures released slowed down (understandable) but a lot of Nintendo games arent even supporting them much anymore.

Their are so many Nintendo characters I would love to own amiibo of but besides the remaining Smash line (which Im only interested in Squirtle, Ivysaur, Incineroar, and Dark Samus) it seems my collecting will come to an end. I think once the Ultimate line finishes up amiibo is officially done besides maybe the occassional 800th Mario or 10,000th Link figure they decide to release which that doesnt excite me as I like to own only 1 of each character. My amiibo collecting is another reason why I HATE the fact all the Smash DLC seems to be 3rd party characters. Means I probably wont ever see certain Nintendo characters that arent in Smash yet probably never get an amiibo figure of them.

I thought the Dark Link was tied to the LA amiibo, specifically?

It is. That's mentioned in the video.

Couldn't watch it, so I thought the comment before was a complete recap.

That's it. I forgot to mention the LA amiibo and Shadow Link. The thing is he could and did use all the existing Zelda amiibo and tried with some of the regular amiibo. He spoke about the Link's Awakening amiibo and its functionality as obviously he couldn't try it as it's not available yet.

Ah, okay. I'm pretty sure I share your criticism, though I'm looking forward to the game anyway.


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