Capcom confirms that Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will not need an extra download

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Are you worried that Capcom is, for the lack of a better term, "pull a Capcom" with Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection? You see yourself going to pick up the retail version of the game, only to find that a download is required to get all the games? Happily that's not the case, as Capcom has confirmed that all 6 games in the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection are included on the game card. Your Switch internal storage can rest easy...for now.


This should have never been a question on anyone's mind as this is one singular game. It's not like MMLC1/2 or MMXC1/2 where the only reason they didn't put both in a box was because they were literally two separate games and upping the price by making two carts wasn't practical. Multi SKU carts didn't even exist until late last year anyhow so if MMLC1/2 launched then at least that could have fit on one but XC would have been very close to being too big for a 16 GB. The Resident Evil games are also definite nos due to their huge size (especially the pack with 4-6)
Literally was never a risk or a problem. At the very least LC2 is getting a Japanese physical reprint for a special promo, though their version is of a different SKU than ours as their version includes the removed MM8 vocals (while ours will cut them out even in Japanese mode)

I'm actually buying that Rockman box explicitly for the separate carts. What's really weird about the digital version of Rockman Classic Collection 2 is that if you want the opening to Rockman 8 and not Mega Man 8 you have to change the system language to Japanese. Even though it's a completely different Title ID as long as you're playing on a system set to English it plays the Mega Man intro even if the title screen will say Rockman 8: Metal Heroes.


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