Fire Emblem: Three Houses' upcoming free and paid DLC detailed

A lot of content is on the way

This week's issue of Famitsu had some new details on future DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Check out info on Wave 3 and Wave 4 below.

Wave 3

Free DLC

- New playable character: Jeritza (certain routes only)
- New support conversations [presumably featuring Jeritza]
- New activities
- New online features

Paid DLC

- New playable character: Anna
- New monastery facilities
- New online features
- Anna and Jeritza paralogue
- New quests (around 10)
- New activities: Sauna, playing with dogs and cats
- New costumes: Maid, Butler and more
- New battalions: Maid and Butler W

Wave 4

Free DLC

- Side story: Abyss Mode
- New playable characters: Juris, Balthazar, Constanze and Javi [tentative translations]
- New support conversations
- New monastery facilities
- New online features
- New classes (4)
- New enemy monsters
- New hero relics
- New paralogues
- New quests
- New battalions
- New gambits
- New costumes for Byleth (male), Byleth (female) and Sothis


Fri Sep 20 19 05:37pm
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So with this much of DLC coming, Can we all safely assume that Three Houses sold well enough?

Well to be fair the three waves of DLC was planned well before launch.

But we know it's the best selling FE title in the US based on physical sales.

But we know it's the best selling FE title in the US based on physical sales.

I won't believe that till we see numbers. It didn't perform so well in Japan(then again, no other FE game has been on par with Mystery of the Emblem) so the odds of it performing better here when you consider the budget that is spent for making a massive game like this seems low...

the shoemaker
Fri Sep 20 19 10:47pm
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NPD already said for August it was right behind Awakening for the best selling title in the series in the US and that they expected it to pass Awakening in September, if it hasn't already. And of course that's not including digital which is undoubtably higher than Awakening's digital sales.

In the UK the game sold twice the sales of Awakening and twice the sales of Fate's games (combined) at launch.

Finally, we can dress all these children of nobility and military officers in maid costumes. That makes complete sense, in universe.

I'm just happy that you can finally play with the dogs and cats


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