Video reportedly shows Switch Lite suffering from analog stick drift issues (UPDATE)

Oh dear...

Joy-Con drift has been an issue that's plagued numerous Switch owners, and it's one Nintendo will fix for free here in the states. Many were hoping that Nintendo would have solved the problem for the Switch Lite, but if the video above is on the up-and-up, it seems the problem still exists. Whether this is a legit example of drift, or just a bad Switch Lite in general, remains to be seen.

UPDATE - The person who posted the original video has since posted a second with more details. Again, there's no doubt that there's some drift going on. The question is whether this is small, isolated incident with select launch Switch Lite units, or the same problem that plagues standard Switch Joy-Con.

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Already... Hope this gives a good dent in the sales of the Lite and Nintendo actually do something about this.

Sorry RMC, but this isn't an isolated case of a Switch Lite simply being defective.

It has already been proven at launch after a teardown that the sticks and contacts are the exact same ones from the recent second revision of the original Switch, which has still not fixed the drifting issues and is still prone to drifting sooner or later.

It is the cheap quality of graphite they are purchasing and using that is causing the issue. I imagine both the Switch Lite and revised Switch were already long into production by the time the media fervor over this drifting issue caught traction.

Which is unfortunate... But you reap what you sow.

Good thing I stuck with the revised one. Has a longer battery life and even if the drifting occurs, can always buy new controllers instead of spending another 200$.

Mon Sep 23 19 03:12pm
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If there’s a silver lining to this, it’s that hopefully the general public will also realize the benefit of being able to quickly remove and replace your controllers from the handheld unit, thereby causing Switch Lite to flop.

Removable controllers on a handheld was a game changer for the longevity of Nintendo’s portable consoles. Any move away from this innovation is a bad idea. Modular components for the win.

And so it begins...
*grabs popcorn*

they obviously lost the consumers' trust .
As i have changed seven so far of those sticks , I always did after checking on the calibration screen. And it was clearly obvious there , I don't see that in those screens . It's more visible while playing splatoon or fortnite
Still avoid the switch lite imo, it might be just that one but it's a lot of money

They did change the sticks it's not the same part's number, and the white plastic parts inside are different. Those might not scratch the blue part as much. check teardown of the new switch not the lite. It probably isn't making a difference but it is different.

Tue Sep 24 19 11:17am
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Sorry but stick drift is a thing with all stick-based controllers. It's just some drift happens sooner than others. When you're slamming the sticks hard every day or if you're as gentle as can be, eventually all stick controllers will drift. One of my friends on YouTube has a Xbox 360 controller with stick drift from years of use.

N64 controllers had notorious drift issues. The GCN stick was better, but mine drifts after years of use. The Wii and Wii U era were fine because Nintendo didn't require Control Sticks for games, so people didn't have much of a reason to use controllers with sticks if they weren't needed. Now the Switch might have the same problems as the N64 controllers, but it's also a more popular, widely used system so stick drift happens faster.

I don't have Joy-Con drift, but that's because I use the Pro Controller on Switch. Since I'm using the Pro Controller the most, eventually yes it will have stick drift from frequent use.

EDIT - I forgot about the 3DS. The 3DS has Circle Pad drift too. Mine happened from playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf alot.


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